Being yourself in your busines

Being Yourself In Your Business

As an entrepreneur or small business owner just starting out, it can be a scary feeling to put yourself out there through online videos, social media and begin being yourself in your business.

However, by not doing these things within your business, it can affect your income and ability to achieve your goals.

But doing Facebook Live stream, podcasting and videos does not have to be frightening. Remember: Imperfection builds trust!

Just by doing something like a workout video including your pet or kids and sharing relatable content with your audience, you can start to build a foundation of trust with your audience and leads.

People then will be able to relate to you and see that we all deal with the same things day in and day out!


So that big thing that has been holding you back from moving forward (the imperfection, the fear of being small or new, whatever)… THAT’S YOUR BIGGEST ASSET!

Let it shine and share it out there.

That is what is going to allow you to connect with perfect clients and people that are intended and meant to be working with you.

What’s that one action that you have been setting off to the side?

Challenge yourself and take that one action today to put yourself out there in a bigger and bolder way!

Our weekly plan for standing up and getting in front of your customers include

  • One 2 minute tips live on Facebook
  • Scheduling one guest spotlight on a podcast
  • Creating youtube channel videos weekly
  • Live calls

Let people get to know you and see who you truly are just by being yourself.

You will be amazed at the amount of engagement, love and support that you will get just from being yourself in your business!

Engineer your celebrity and show people who you really are by checking out this blog post!

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