Are you sick and tired of being run by a never-ending to do list?

6ModuleCourseDo you end your day feeling completely exhausted but nowhere near finished what you needed to accomplish?

It’s sad but true: most entrepreneurs and small business owners make less money and work more hours than they ever did when they had a J.O.B.

Have you tried everything from computer programs to gadgets, notebooks, calendars and planners and still can’t seem to gain control of your TIME, your BUSINESS and ultimately your LIFE?

It’s not your fault! We were never taught how to take hundreds of conflicting priorities and narrow them down to a select few focus areas in order to accomplish what matters to us and meet the never-ending demands of family, work, and relationships.

Unless you go out of your way to learn a productivity system for achievement and fulfillment you are stuck in the cycle of the empty tank syndrome. Too exhausted to pursue your purpose and achieve your higher calling because you are too busy just trying to stay afloat.

I am here to tell you it’s a battle worth winning because time is the most precious gift on Earth. You can’t buy more time or get it back, so using the time you’ve got well MUST be a top priority in your daily life.

It’s time to STOP drowning in TO DO’S and START managing your life and business from a place of purpose and intention.

Imagine feeling the stress melt away as you gain control of your day and FINALLY feel the satisfaction of accomplishing the things that are in alignment with what really matters to you.

If you are working as hard as you possibly can but can’t seem to achieve your INCOME and PROFIT goals with the time you have, it’s TIME for a RADICAL CHANGE!

One of the biggest challenges I see Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners struggling with is how to use their time productively. Working hard on the wrong things is about as productive as never getting out of bed. This is why so many businesses fail: lack of focus on the RIGHT things day to day.

Woman Headache ComputerAsk yourself these questions:

  • Do you find yourself missing family occasions or gatherings with friends? Being physically present for these events but mentally absent? Are you distracted or consumed with anxiety about how to “break even” or simply pay the bills each month without accruing more debt?
  • Are you constantly writing and re-writing your to do list? Do you feel suffocated by your responsibilities even though you’re the business owner?
  • Do you have a staff or team that despite their best efforts just isn’t delivering an impact to your bottom line?
  • Are you so busy that you can’t find the time to work on the important, strategic, money-making activities in your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I have great news!

KellyI used to be you. In fact I am a recovering workaholic and have been right where you are. I struggled with the same things you are experiencing until I developed my breakthrough system which allowed me to reduce my work week by 20 plus hours and double my income. Now I want to share this with you!

For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t met me, here’s a little about my background and business. As a Business Growth Strategist, I have helped hundreds of individuals FINALLY achieve the success and results they’ve always dreamed of. I teach timeless, proven and profitable strategies in a simple, step-by-step way that you can implement IMMEDIATELY (even if you are technology challenged like me!)

Before launching my company, Kelly Roach Coaching, I worked for one of the World’s Fortune 500 Firms where I produced millions of dollars in profit and revenue growth year after year, even during the economic downturn.

This allowed me to be promoted 7 times in 8 years, build a team of 50 and manage a 50 million dollar portfolio.

Now I help Small Business Owners to rapidly grow their business, income and new client acquisition in a simple, manageable way.

My dream is helping you accomplish yours! My programs are designed with the sole purpose of helping individuals achieve financial and lifestyle freedom, without compromising their quality of life.

You can have it all, you just have to be willing to step up and take ACTION to make your dreams a reality.

TimeThe best part about joining any of my programs is that it truly won’t cost you a dime if you implement the action steps and do your homework as you go.

Most people spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom, and still don’t get what they really want, but that doesn’t have to be you.

You can decide to do things differently. So the only question is…

Are you ready to:


This NEW 6 Week Course is for individuals who are ready to accomplish what really matters in their Business and Life.

Let me walk you through a SIMPLE, POWERFUL daily plan to accomplish more, stress less and immediately impact your income!

In these 6 Modules You will Learn:

  • The number 1 daily ritual you must complete either individually or with your team in order to create ongoing breakthroughs in your business (without working more hours)
  • Learn the skill that will allow you to manage a massive workload with minimal stress
  • How to assess where to spend your time and focus your energy in your business and what to eliminate
  • How to handle the growing demands on your time and create a plan to move swiftly and aggressively towards your biggest goals-with SUCCESS!
  • Flexible, low cost solutions to delegating everything outside your genius zone to free you up to make more money now
  • ProductivityThe basic activities you need to start doing daily to grow your income right away
  • How to transition any employee, in any role, from an expense to the bottom line into an income producing asset
  • Simple strategies to work smarter not harder to get what really matters done each day
  • My personal best daily rituals for ultimate success including health and wellness techniques, exercise integration, team management tools, structure and more
  • Eliminate the constant distractions and get more revenue production done in an hour than you typically do all day
  • How to simplify your daily routine to work less and earn more
  • How to get started delegating even if you don’t have a team
  • Learn how to delegate effectively. What to delegate, to whom and how to ensure the tasks are completed to your standards.
  • What hires you must make first and how to go about it, even if you can’t afford full time employees

And these are just a few of the money making, time saving strategies you will learn.

The question you have to ask yourself is: Can afford not to make an investment in your happiness, income, and quality of life? The ability to manage your time directly impacts each of these things!

Do you want RESULTS like these in your business and life?

“Coaching with Kelly has dramatically improved my Quality of Life!”

“Working with Kelly gave me the strategies and tools to stop working 14 hour days and weekends! By learning key productivity, leadership and delegation strategies I am now able to focus on raising funds and creating educational programs to take my organization to the next level. I highly recommend coaching with Kelly for high achieving individuals that need balance, structure and guidance to get to the next level, in every area of life. Once you make the decision to work with Kelly, you will wonder- why didn’t I do this 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I am so glad I did!”
— Kim Phelan, Vice President, Coalition for Hemophilia B

“Kelly is not just my coach, I consider her a member of my team”

“Through one-on-one coaching with Kelly I was able to double my rates, streamline my business and drive a multitude of efficiencies to reduce my working hours! Coaching with Kelly is an investment that will pay off for years to come! She is a great addition to my business. Kelly is not just my coach, I consider her a member of my team. 2014 is going to be a great year!”
— Dan Murphy, Owner/Artist, DM Designs, LLC.

“New Client Growth is through the Roof!”

“Developing a strategic partnership with Kelly as my business coach was and still is one of the smartest investments I have made in my business. This year alone we will double our revenue and triple new client growth in my financial services firm. We have also implemented a variety of processes and systems to allow my business to grow and prosper for years to come! If you are looking to take your business and income to the next level Kelly is the perfect partner to help you make it happen!
— Joel B. Gilhang, President & Director of Financial Planning & Investments, Gilhang Financial Group, LLC.

If you are ready to transform your productivity, profitability and ultimately your quality of life simply email and a member of my team will answer all of your questions and get you registered right away!

When you register you can select from the 2 payment options below:


The first 5 registrants will also receive a BONUS FREE GIFT worth over $400.00.


Your questions answered:

Class begins on June 19th!

When: Thursdays at 6pm EST

How long is each class: 1 hour

Who delivers the content: Kelly will deliver 100% of the content for this course

What if I miss a class: You will receive recordings of each session so you can listen again and again at your convenience

What if my questions aren’t answered: You will be asked throughout the course to email Kelly’s team with your questions and the will all be answered either via email directly or in the Q&A audio

What if I can’t afford $497 right now: You can opt for a 2 pay plan upon registration to break up the payments

What is Kelly’s guarantee: If after the first class you are not blown away by the content and can’t see clearly the path forward to change your life you can opt out for a full refund.

What are you waiting for? Join us!

To Your Success and Freedom,




P.S. Time is ticking, don’t waste another moment feeling stressed and full of anxiety-get clear, simplify and live the life you really want, STARTING NOW! Email to get registered today!

P.P.S. We are limiting this class to 35 participants and spots are filling up fast-reserve yours now by emailing today!

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