Social Media to Market and Advertise Your Business

Social Media to Market and Advertise Your Business

As an entrepreneur in today’s digital age, using social media to market and advertise your business is what will set you up for success.

In today’s society, social media has become one of the most powerful ways to communicate to audiences for business.

Facebook live, webinars, podcasting and running paid ads through Facebook allow you to show your audience who you are.

Using these platforms allows you to go from totally unknown and under the barrel to a major player in your market and industry in just a few weeks or months.

Some of these can even run your business, close clients and net leads for you without having to do anything. So why not take advantage and get yourself out there?

Ask yourself “How many of these powerful tools am I using right now within my business?”

Just by doing marketing podcasts, webinars each week, Facebook live events and getting paid traffic to your business, you can gain new a social media plan because you will have multiple platforms to work with.

Start by using these powerful tools today to grow and scale your business and implement it into your social media and marketing!

  1. Facebook Live:
    • Go live from your Facebook page. By doing so you are using a well known social media platform to talk to clients directly. Also, it is super easy to use!
  2. Webinars:
    • Start video casting. Whether its YouTube, Periscope or Google Hangout, begin to get your clients online so you can expand your fanbase. Talk to them about questions they have or topics of interest.
  3. Podcasting:
    • This is huge! So many big entrepreneurs today are using this to communicate to their clients on the go.
    • Whether it’s at home, in the car or at their desk, they can listen to what you have to say at any time.
  4. Running paid advertisements through Facebook:
    • Put yourself out there on social media. Let people know who you are.

Begin using social media to market and advertise your business!

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