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30 Days To Higher Profits:

The Total Time Mastery Course That Will Help You Reduce Your Work Week By 20+ Hours AND Double New Client Growth In Your Business


From The Desk Of:
Kelly Roach, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Business Growth Strategist

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

30daysJoin me for a 4-week journey to transform the way you think, how you manage your time, and ultimately the RESULTS you are capable of achieving.

This thirty-day program is going to show you exactly how to break the cycle of overwhelm and empty tank syndrome and start growing your income and loving your life.

Let me walk you through a simple, powerful daily plan to accomplish more, stress less and immediately impact your income!

Spots are filling up quickly!



In Just 4 Short Weeks You Will Discover How To:


✅ Create ongoing breakthroughs in your business, without working more hours, through the #1 daily ritual you must complete, either individually or with your team;

✅ Manage a massive workload, with minimal stress;

✅ Assess where to spend your time and focus your energy in your business, and what to eliminate in order to generate more revenue now;

✅ Powerfully handle the growing demands on your time and move swiftly and aggressively toward your biggest goals – with SUCCESS;

✅ Delegate everything outside your genius zone to free you up to make more money now – even if you don’t have a team;

✅ Know what hires to make first and how to go about it, even if you can’t afford full time employees;

✅ Transition any employee, in any role, from an expense to the bottom line into an income-producing asset;

✅ Work smarter, not harder to get what really matters done each day

✅ Eliminate the constant distractions and get more profit production done in an hour than, up until now, you’ve done all week;

✅ Simplify your daily routine to work less and earn more;

✅ And much, much more!


In a matter of hours, you will be ready to tackle your most significant goals with new-found clarity, focus, and determination backed by proven and profitable strategies to GET. IT. DONE.

Who it’s For & Who it’s Not For…

30 Days To Higher Profits is for highly motivated, driven, enthusiastic people that want change so bad they can taste it.

You will know you are a fit, if you can envision what your life will be like when you feel totally at peace with your daily life, with enough income to do what you want, when you want and a business that runs like a well-oiled machine with or without you.

So if this describes you…and you are really ready all you have to do is say YES to yourself and your business!


I know what you are thinking…Why do I need ANOTHER Productivity Course?


Well, I will answer that question in just a moment but first, let me ask you something:

How have the past courses worked for you so far?

Are you growing your business with ease?

Attracting a flood of new clients you can barely accommodate?

Is your staff performing optimally taking everything outside your genious zone so you can focus on the big picture?

Do you have the ability to work when you want, vacation regularly AND focus on your family first, the way you promised you would when you started your business?

If you answered NO to any of these I want you to realize that there is a reason you have struggled, and it’s not your fault.


Because everything you have been taught has been DEAD WRONG.

And until you get a system in place to overcome the business and life challenges that impact your success, sanity, and happiness the cycle of struggle will most likely continue and get worse.


So if you are open to experiencing something new, something totally different, keep reading to see what some of my clients have experienced after applying the principles I teach…


“0 to $26,000.00 in 4 weeks”

“I hired Kelly to get my Sales Team productive. We are an InternatiSalimonal Spice Company with clientele that have high standards and require both customization and sophistication in the sales and service delivery process. In just four weeks Kelly was able to take my new sales representative, who was not producing any revenue, from 0 to $26,000.00 in sales. She now continues to grow, develop and excel with Kelly’s direction. If you are a Business Owner, Executive or Entrepreneur that needs to drive revenue and sales growth, get started coaching with Kelly to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.”

Salim Mavany, Owner, Majestic International Spice


“New Client Growth is Through the Roof!”Joel-Gilhang

“Developing a strategic partnership with Kelly as my business coach was and still is one of the smartest investments I have made in my business. This year alone we will double our revenue and triple new client growth in my financial services firm. We have also implemented a variety of processes and systems to allow my business to grow and prosper for years to come! If you are looking to take your business and income to the next level Kelly is the perfect partner to help you make it happen!”

Joel B. Gilhang, President & Director of Financial Planning & Investments, Gilhang Financial Group, LLC www.gilhangfinancialgroup.com

“I grew my email list by 50% — quickly!”

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.15.23 PM

The most important thing I learned from working with Kelly is the importance of imperfect action. Working with Kelly gave me the  skills, knowledge and confidence to FINALLY launch my own Mastermind program and it has now already surpassed 20 members. Kelly gives you the support, direction and key resources to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Courtney Powell, Founder/CEO, the Breakthrough to Thrive Group Coaching Program, www.courtneypowellonpurpose.com

“If you are thinking about starting a business, work with Kelly before you take your first step!”

Stephanie Jones“Kelly helped me eliminate the time wasters and zero in on profit generating pursuits in my business right away! Her suggestions are already making my life easier as a small business owner. I loved working with Kelly and would recommend her to anyone looking to start a business or grow an existing one. The only regret I have is I wish I had worked with her sooner. If you are thinking about starting a business, work with her before you take your first step. The information Kelly provided to me during our Virtual VIP day was invaluable and will save me countless hours in my business.”

Stephanie L. Jones, CEO, Giving Gal, LLC, www.givinggal.com



Introducing: 30 Days to Higher Profits

Here is what you gain immediate and lifetime access to when you join the program today:


Module 1

 Module 1: Get Productive & Profitable NOW!

Module 2

 Module 2: Capture Big Profit Leaps – Right Away

Module 3

 Module 3: Top 10 Ways to Get More Clients & Income in the Next 30 Days


Module 4

Module 4: The Top 10 FAQ’s about Productivity, Profit, and Growth



Plus, by signing up TODAY you’ll receive brand new bonuses with your program:

Bonus 1

 Bonus 1: How to Leverage Online Groups to Close High-Paying Customers


Bonus 2

Bonus 2: 4 Powerhouse Lead Generation Strategies Working Today


Bonnus 3

Bonus 3: LinkedIn for Business Bootcamp: The 30 Minute a Day Guide to Finding & Closing Clients on LinkedIn 

  Bonus 4

Bonus 4: LinkedIn Conversation Starters: How to Engage Hot Leads on LinkedIn and Turn them into High-Paying Clients

 Bonus 5

Bonus 5: Daily Results Planner so you can Track your Progress in Real Time



30 Days to Higher Profits is not a bunch of disjointed strategies and theories, but a proven “results generation system” that will teach you how to own your day to get the exact outcomes you desire starting now!

So really what you need to ask yourself now is:

Is saving your sanity, gaining an extra 20+ hours in your week to do with what you want and creating a massive increase in the new clients in your business worth $99.00 and a few hours of your time?

If you can see what’s possible and are ready to create it click the button below to begin this incredible journey with myself and countless others!





“We were able to quadruple our customer base, grow our team and earn our FREE company paid Lexus.”

photo 1 (1)“Kelly’s ideas are brilliant. She helps you put your dreams into action. As a husband and wife team, Kelly immediately identified our individual strengths and helped us develop them to grow our business to its full potential. We were able to quadruple our customer base, grow our team and earn our FREE company paid Lexus. Kelly is a very down to earth individual. She truly cares about us and helping us grow our business.

We highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to change, grow and expand their business.”

Alissa and Nick Gass
Independent Brand Partners, Nerium International



Remember: all of this can be yours if you sign up for 30 Days to Higher Profits, because you’ll get:

Lifetime Access to all FOUR Modules:


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4


Plus, all FIVE Brand New Bonuses:

Bonus 1Bonus 2

Bonnus 3

Bonus 4

Bonus 5


Ready to get started? Just click the button to join the countless individuals who are seeing rapid success with 30 Days to Higher Profits!




Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.07.13 PM

In fact, I’m SO sure you will be successful in this program that I’m putting my stamp of approval and a complete money back  guarantee – if you do the work and don’t see results, I’ll refund every penny of your investment.

Joining 30 Days to Higher Profits is a zero-risk investment… what are you waiting for? 




On the fence? Let’s kick some of your mental blocks to the curb:


“I’m a parent, I work full time, already have 2 jobs, take care of a sick parent and spend all night driving my kids all over the place”

I hear about these “life circumstances” just about every day. Heck, me and my clients live them.

What I can tell you is that the systems and strategies you will learn here have worked to help individuals in ALL of these situations create completely life changing results very quickly.

(there is no perfect time or circumstance to start and grow a business) And most of my clients fall into one if not multiple categories above-you can do this!


“How do I know that this will work for my business? I’m a _______.”

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur?

Are you looking to increase profits?

Are you sick of being buried so deep working in the business that there is no time to work on the business?

Perfect – this will work for you. Above are the top 3 characteristics that are the common thread between those that say yes to this course AND get life changing results.

Some of my clients who are seeing success from these exact strategies include:

  • weight loss doctors
  • real estate agents
  • marketing strategists
  • financial advisers
  • pest control companies
  • Coaches
  • speakers,
  • mlm distributors

And the list goes on…. You’ll fit right in :)


“I am exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out already- I can’t possibly fit one more thing in”

Help is on the way, I promise you. Most people that join this course share the exact same sentiments when they arrive here. It’s for these reasons that I designed the course, because this is how most people feel and it’s just not right. (and can be changed completely)

It was never meant to be this way and you can change things for the better. The first step is realizing that things can be different, the second is actually doing something about it…get started here:

Remember, the course is designed to help you eliminate 20+ hours from your workweek, while increasing your income. I want to help you make this happen-the first step is for you to say YES!


“What if it just doesn’t work for me?”

Rest assured: all of the risk is on me, not you. If you complete the program and just aren’t seeing the results you desire, let me know and I’ll refund you-you are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Although I can tell you this: my students have not run into this problem yet – and you won’t either. But if you’re on the fence because you’re worried about the investment, know that if you do the work, you will see results and if you don’t, you get your money back.
30 Days to Higher Profits is the online course that will help you to totally transform your productivity, life the weight of overwhelm off your shoulders and pave the wave for massive growth in your profits.




To Your Success and Freedom,





P.S. Still need more? Here’s what a few more of my clients are saying:


“We are growing at an 18% run rate year over year!”

Mike davenport testimonialKelly helped us to focus on specific actions we could take to immediately boost sales. With Kelly’s help, we were able to increase prices earlier this year and develop a tiered customer pricing strategy for 2015 to price our customers more appropriately for the value we offer. Kelly helped us identify the changes we needed to make in order to ensure the long-term scalability of our company. During our private sessions, we have been focusing on objectives such as CRM Development and Sales Management. These objectives will take longer to implement, but we believe will yield massive results in the next five years. The anticipation of our next coaching call created the accountability we needed to take imperfect action right away. With Kelly’s help, my time is more focused on the tasks that are most likely to yield the best results; she has such an encouraging approach and motivating personality. It is difficult not to catch her excitement.

Mike Davenport, Vice President of Operations, Park Supply of America, www.parksupplyofamerica.com


“Without Kelly’s coaching and direction, my business would have closed its doors last summer.”

Jack SaiaWebWhen I started working with Kelly as a private client about a year and a half ago, my business was undergoing a lot of changes that were having a significant negative impact. Kelly kept me focused and driven. Although I am an expert in my profession, this doesn’t necessarily make me a good businessman. Without Kelly’s coaching and direction, my business would have closed its doors last summer. Kelly is the reason we are still in business. Not only am I still in business, but I am projecting our 2015 sales to double from last year. In addition, Kelly is guiding me through the process of establishing a greater virtual presence that will generate additional income with very little hands on work. Kelly has given me a wealth of useful information about business growth, employee management and leadership, marketing and sales.

Jack Saia, DC, Owner, Inner Health & Wellness and Simply Chiropractic, www.drsaia.com



“I learned that selling more can be as simple as listening, adjusting and delivering!’”

Chanelle Watson“My experience working with Kelly was nothing short of amazing. She truly is phenomenal at what she does and is a genuinely amazing woman. I would and will continue to recommend her to anyone I know who is in need of a push in the right direction regarding their business. Kelly helped me realize that I was not putting the amount of time I needed to in order to grow my business. She taught me the importance of listening to the needs of my clients as opposed to simply trying to sell them my product. The information I received and the passion Kelly has for my business and dreams made this program a great investment.”

Chanelle Watson, Owner and Chef, Chanelle’s Heavenly Treasures, www.chanellesheavenlytreasures.com



Psst…. the next class is starting to fill up! Save your spot while there are still spots left!




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