3 Tips to Grow Through a Recession

Things are heavy right now. 

The world is living through some of the most uncertain times we’ve ever seen. 


The opportunity has never been greater. 

In fact, the lining is more than silver during this season – it’s gold, the kind you can take to the bank. 

In order to fully take advantage of what lies before us in a way that TRULY serves people,  there are a few things you are going to want to double down on (or triple down, or 10x…go as big as you can go) in the coming months.

Extreme Gratitude

Even though things look bleak in a lot of different ways – how INCREDIBLE is it that ANYONE can start a business and grow it into a multimillion-dollar company using nothing but their phone, from the comfort of their own home (which just became our new reality).

Selling can be done on social. 

Teaching can be done on video. 

Emails can still be sent. 

Ads can still be run. 

Conversations can still be had in the DMs.

If that doesn’t invoke a deep sense of gratitude in you, then I don’t know what will. 

We GET TO pivot. 

We GET TO build our visibility online, for free. 

We GET TO go live on Facebook. 

We GET TO accept payment with a click of a button. 

We GET TO interact with our clients through virtual meetings

In order to fully embrace the magnitude of what that means, you need to go big with practicing gratitude every single day. It will be the biggest catalyst of your exponential growth. 

More Conviction Led Content

It’s time to get crystal clear on your messaging, what you believe in, what you are against, and what makes you different. 

Then…10x the amount of content you are putting out on every platform. 

More podcasts, more live streaming, more posting on social media. 

Double down on increasing your visibility, and make sure you are showing up with a message your people NEED, that no one else in your market is willing to deliver.

Your market needs leadership. They don’t need more of the same. 

They need you there, supporting them and guiding them MORE than you were at the start of this year. 

Now is your time to show up in a way that will forever solidify your positioning as a trailblazer and true authority in your market.

Focus on High Ticket Selling 

Now is the time to book as many consults, with qualified leads, to sell your high ticket offer as possible. You need a consistent flow of cash coming in, so consults need to be a priority. 

For those that launch, this means consistently promoting your consults between launches. 

If you don’t launch, then post every single day and reaching out individually to those in your funnel about booking consults. 

During this season – selling every day is not a luxury, it’s what will keep you in business.

You are either selling on social, booking consults or launching. 

It’s All FOR You

The thing to remember about this season is that you are 100% in charge of your outcomes. 

Recognize nothing is happening to you, it’s happening for you. 

Yes – the coming months will be incredibly challenging. 

But, you’ve done hard things before. You can do this. Start with gratitude – then get to work!