3 Pricing Secrets That Will Transform Your Bottom Line

If you want to create freedom in your life and in your business, you must master the art of pricing. With this episode of Unstoppable Success Radio, find out how to charge what you are worth – and how to acquire and own that price.

80% of your profit is going to come from 20% of your time.

That means 80% of your time is spent not making profit, so you need to adjust your pricing accordingly.


Find out how to charge what you are worth – and how to own and get that price. Listen to your audience and create something based on what they want, what they need, or what they desire. Come up with a valuable solution to their problem.



You will learn:

– How to reverse engineer your pricing strategy to guarantee freedom, profit, and a level of income that you want in your business

-How to design packages, reoccurring revenue, and position yourself in the market to demand premium prices for what you charge for

-Focus your targeting to move up the price potential scale and to position yourself differently to yield higher rates

-Homework you need to complete to make this work for you – yes, homework


First decide the amount of money you want to make. Then, work backwards from there by deciding how much you need to charge and how you are going to offer something of that value.


Underpricing, undercharging and freedom simply don’t go hand in hand.


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