Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying

WalletWhat does every business owner want? More prospects, meaning more clients, income and profit with less stress, strain, and sacrifice, right? Nothing can prepare you for the thousands of hats you will wear as a business owner or the vast responsibility, pressure and new skill sets you need to develop to make it in business today.

For starters, slow down. Most people in business are working so hard and so fast they don’t take time to step back and evaluate how to get what they really want.

Today’s article will give you one quick tip on each of the above areas to help you get started making more money with less stress – while encouraging your prospects to buy (if you can slow down enough to put them into action).

How To Get More Prospects Buying

3 things that can transform your new client acquisition rate right away:

  1. Get in front of more ideal prospects in a meaningful way every week.
  2. Communicate the bottom line, end result you will provide in a way that directly addresses their pinpoint right now.
  3. Look at the effectiveness of your actual sales conversations and meetings. Measure your conversion rate and determine if you need more quantity or better quality in your sales efforts.

You can impact the number of new clients coming into your business this month by following these 3 simple steps starting now!

How to Increase Your Profit Instantly
  1. Charge what you are worth. Period. Stand in your truth, be proud of what you deliver and stop devaluing yourself and your business by undercharging. As a business owner or entrepreneur you can make changes to your business in an instant. Nine out of every ten new clients that I start working with are totally mis-positioning their business. They are downplaying their value and the quality of their product or service by charging significantly below what they deserve.

So now for the million dollar question…

How To Get More Prospects and Increase Profit with Less Stress and Strain

Most importantly, without increasing your working hours:

  • Get help: Delegate, automate, outsource and eliminate completely anything that isn’t adding value or profit to your bottom line.

In this day and age with VA’s, contractors, and independent expert sites there’s no excuse for business owners to be spending their time doing $10.00/hour tasks instead of moving their big picture vision forward. Many entrepreneurs think they can’t afford help, but the truth is they can’t afford to run their business without help. If you quantified the money you were leaving on the table by trying to do everything yourself, you would probably faint. Increasing profit and client acquisition with less stress and strain is about making strategic decisions about how to use your time.

Take a few minutes today to evaluate what you are sweeping under the rug, putting up with, or ignoring that could transform your results. Give yourself the gift of relief. It is possible.

It’s up to you to take ACTION. Time to use the strategies to get more clients buying and cutting down your own stress!

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