What is Conviction Marketing?

The Conviction Marketing Method is how we catapulted Kelly Roach Coaching to an 8-figure brand.

And, if you don’t want people to come to your page, take what they need and leave – you’re going to want to implement conviction marketing into your content strategy.

Conviction marketing is how you create raving fans of life, how you get people to spread the word about your products or services and become the go-to in your niche or industry.

Of course, how-to and hope marketing (the first two layers of the conviction marketing pyramid)  are a huge chunk of your content strategy and should be utilized at every stage of business.

But without conviction, you’re never going to elevate above the rest. You’re never going to create a cult following just by posting hundreds of infographics, educational reels, or a feed full of fluffy inspirational quotes.

Conviction is the piece of marketing that no one’s really talking about right now. You’ve seen “how-to” content just about everywhere. “How to increase your Instagram engagement,” “How to launch an online course.” The list goes on.

You see the inspirational hope content too. The mantras, the affirmations, the reminders to “keep going, you’ve got this!”

Don’t get me wrong: both of those things are important, and very much needed in your content strategy. But the differentiator?


Your convictions are what ties it all together. Without it, your hope content is just a bunch of fluff. Your how-to content is just a quick win that never keeps your audience around for long enough.

Here’s why it matters so much:

  1. It positions you as a TRUE thought leader.

So many people have an opinion about what’s wrong, but very few are willing to do what it takes to make it right.

And, that’s the pinnacle of visionary leadership.

Operating like a true thought leader is more than just claiming it as your title on Instagram. It’s all about identifying the problems in your market, and actually DOING something about it. It’s the action piece that’s missing from most other marketers out there.

Anyone can talk about all the things wrong in their industry, or the things they don’t believe to be true…but it takes more commitment and effort to solve the actual problem. And that’s where your convictions come into play.

It’s problems AND solutions. It’s painting a picture of the future of your market, and showing them what’s possible. It’s setting a higher standard than what they’re used to.

Think about some of your favorite well-known brands. What problem do they solve for the industry and how do they set a higher standard of excellence?

Brands like Peloton, which exploded during the global pandemic, Amazon completely changing the online shopping game with it’s convenience, and Tesla redefining the automobile industry.

When you think of these brands, the thing they all have in common is this: they are committed to disruption, innovation, and solving urgent problems for their target market.

It’s not just about saying, “hey, people can’t make it to their in-person fitness classes” but offering a solution to that problem (re: Peloton). That’s the idea of conviction marketing.

It’s about reinvention, about setting higher standards, and about actually doing the work to solve problems that most people don’t have the time, energy, patience or willingness to spend the money to solve.

So, if you really want to stand out from every competitor in your space…you need to elevate from the teacher, mentor and credible authority that how-to and hope marketing make you out to be – and you need to step into visionary leadership. You need to be the one to show up with a pattern interrupt, a market disruption, a totally new solution that can only be achieved by working with YOU. And that doesn’t happen overnight.

  1. It sets you up for long-term success

That most aren’t willing to play. But…that means your success won’t be short-lived (like many others in today’s online world).

Here’s the thing about conviction marketing. Unlike “how-to” and “hope” content, you can’t just drop it out into the online world and expect people to resonate immediately.

You have to let it play out. You have to be willing to keep sharing your convictions consistently and frequently for years at a time, while keeping your audience hooked with how-to and hope. Eventually, your audience will catch up to you and the right people will stick around.

When you step into your convictions, you are communicating what you believe deep down in your soul, and then carving out a pathway to get there.

It’s what keeps people with you, but they might not “get it” at first. Your market is so used to operating a certain way, thinking a certain way, hearing a certain thing repeated over and over again by all the “gurus”…that when all of a sudden there’s a little bit of disruption, that could take some getting used to. It might come with some initial backlash, opinions or disagreement.

Take our company, for example. While most online business coaches were teaching how to automate their courses or generate passive income with a low-dollar product, our company knew that wasn’t sustainable.

Not only were people over automation and in desperate need of a human-centric approach (we’ve all taken a course that we’re guilty of not finishing, or when we actually do finish it, we have no clue how to apply it to our own situation), but they were looking for substantial transformation, not magic solutions or tactics.

We knew the value of a 12-month program over a 6-week course, and the transformation it was capable of. We knew that a low-volume, high-ticket offer would take just as much time, money and effort to launch as a $37 course. We knew that low-dollar products were a great addition to an already-established flagship, but maybe not the smartest go-to market strategy for a new entrepreneur.

And, we knew that information without implementation doesn’t equal RESULTS.

Was that against what everyone else was teaching at the time our CEO launched her program? Absolutely.

But the key with conviction is repetition. Consistency and frequency. Continuing to shout your beliefs from the rooftop and back them up, instead of giving up when things get hard. Your audience knows that no matter what platform and algorithm changes happen, they’re sticking with you because you’re the real deal. This allows you to grow without being tied to a specific platform (TikTok won’t be popular forever) and bring your die-hard fans with you.

  1. It’s how you solve urgent problems for your audience.

As you go through your business and you begin teaching, you begin to identify different gaps in the industry. What problems your clients (or potential clients) are facing, what they wish they could accomplish, and why they feel like they can’t. Sooner or later, you’ll start to get really clear on what’s happening in the market and what the future potential of what could be happening looks like. You will get more and more in tune with your core beliefs about what your market deserves (you might not know your convictions at first…that’s okay! They’ll develop over time).

When you begin to show your audience what’s possible, and what they could be doing to get optimal results (that no one’s ever shown them before) you not only become the undisputed category of one in your space, but you are getting them ACTUAL transformation.

You are going the extra mile and caring more. You are setting a new standard of excellence, one that your competitors are going to have to live up to if they even want to be considered “competition.”

If you’re willing to take it one step further for your market and solve the urgent problems, you become peerless. And so many people never achieve that status because there’s no magic button, there’s no fairy dust that’ll get you there. It’s a long game of visionary thinking, innovation and setting higher standards consistently.

Ready to start implementing conviction into your marketing strategy? We’ll help you take the first step.

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