Using Passion Fruit to Empower Women in Africa with Eric and Rebecca Kaduru

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Every once in a while, Unstoppable Success Radio features people that do something amazing in the world. This week we are bringing you Eric and Rebecca Kaduru, cofounders of KadAfrica who are changing women’s lives one passion fruit seedling at a time.


Husband and wife duo Eric and Rebecca Kaduru wanted to do something different than the the typical 9-5 job. So, they cofounded KadAfrica, a program that works with out of school Ugandan girls ages 16-22 and teaches them number of skills focusing on agriculture, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and life skills.


In Uganda, more than 70% of households are growing food on a subsistence basis only, meaning farming isn’t seen as a business but more of a chore. Eric and Rebecca are looking to break that stigma through KadAfrica’s passion fruit farm. They have helped more than 1,600 out of school girls become independent and produced over 26,000 KGs of passion fruit.


Connect with KadAfrica:

Donations are always gratefully accepted, visit to learn more about the program.

Email for a good way to get in touch about donations and investments.

Remember to use the hashtag #passionforpassion when talking about KadAfrica!


Connect with Kelly:


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