for entrepreneurs who are ready to springboard their business from 6-figures to 7-figures and beyond.

Do any of these

sound like you?

I’m a Service-Based Business Owner

and I’ve spent several tough years trying to build my business online.

I’m an Experienced Professional

and I’m struggling to use digital marketing and sales strategies to grow my practice.

I’m a High Powered

and I’m ready to step out on my own and find freedom through entrepreneurship.

I’m a True Consummate

in my field with an extraordinary service or program that gets massive results.

If so, then we'd bet

one of these is also true...

  • You aren’t scaling as quickly as you’d like to and the path to 7 figures feels impossible. You’re drowning in client work, marketing, sales, and doing all the things, and while you’re keen to make changes, that feels like even more work that you don’t have time to do.
  • You’re not getting the support you need with other courses, coaches, and masterminds. When you invest, you feel like a credit card number instead of a valued partner. You’ve outgrown most of the coaches you’ve worked with online, and feel a bit stagnant, unsure of how to take your current success to epic heights.
  • You’re tired of the status quo — you’re here to build an empire with clients that work with you for life, and you know in your gut that tactic chasing and cookie cutter formulas are not the foundations of a real, sustainable business.

Marketing, sales, and team building are the linchpin holding you back from

exponentially growing your business beyond your current 6-figure success.

We're so glad you found us.

Get ready, because we're about to turn it all around.

How The Unstoppable
Entrepreneurs Program helped

Myoshia Boykin-
Anderson close $104k
in a single hour

The Challenge

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, owner of AndTech solutions, was already a multi-million dollar business owner before joining the program.

She helps entrepreneurs systemize to increase efficiency, providing technical solutions from apps and websites down to software.

As the beginning stages of the pandemic began to creep up, Myoshia knew she had to do something different.

She needed more resources, structure and tools, if she wanted to continue to raise her revenue.

And ultimately, she knew that it takes money to make money. She was serious about the growth of her business, so she made the investment.

The Solution

Myoshia knew the ins and outs of running a successful consultancy.

She had grown her business to the multi 7-figure mark, but she hadn’t yet dipped her toes in the pool of social selling, and she was skeptical about selling on social media.

So she took part in a 30-day challenge inside UE, spending one hour each day doing activities to increase her incoming revenue.

She tapped into previous clients, prospective clients who’d expressed interest in the past, and those who were not yet in her network, getting them to realize that leveraging tech in their businesses was even more important at the time than ever before.

The Result

Less than one week into the “One Hour Text Challenge,” Myoshia hit a gold mine.

From just the strategies she leveraged in the challenge, Myoshia closed $104K in a single hour.

Since then, she has joined Legacy Leaders, our high-level program for 7-and 8-figure business owners, and recouped her investment back more than once.

And while Myoshia didn’t conduct her very first launch until December of 2020, she wrapped it up with six-figures in revenue!

She continues to make massive leaps in her consulting business every single day as part of our Legacy Leaders program.


The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program

is the world's #1 online business and leadership education program.

We are a 50

of experts and coaches who teach service-based business owners how to think + act like multi-millionaires so they can get to their final destination.

Until now, it’s been extremely difficult to grow a service-based business online. Most online trainings are designed for course creators, bloggers, and freelancers, not for scaling your services to multi-million dollar success. But as things shift in the economy, learning to scale online is no longer a luxury — it’s your only option.

Here's what you really need

(that no one is teaching you)

to scale your service-based business

A go-to-market strategy that’s simple AND scalable, so you can move away from tactic chasing and build a legit, scalable company.

A reliable, repeatable sales system so you can sell your offers to large groups of people in a way that builds your brand and attracts your dream clients!

A scalable, high ticket offer that fills a gap in your market leaving you as the uncontested leader in your industry.

High level visibility and strong positioning, so you can engineer your celebrity and build a legacy brand based on conviction, authority, and relevance.

Kelly is known as THE MILLIONAIRE MAKER, helping elite business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar breakthroughs in their business.

As a former Fortune 500 executive who built and led record-breaking teams in 17 locations around the US, Kelly combines billion dollar corporate strategies with the speed and agility of the most powerful online strategies of today.

Kelly is...

  • Creator and advisor to dozens of multi-million dollar businesses
  • A featured expert on ABC, NBC, Fox, the CW
  • A sought-after guest contributor to the world’s leading publications
  • An 11-time international best-selling author
  • Host of the top 10 Marketing podcast, The Kelly Roach Show
  • Founder of the Human Family Foundation
  • Co-founder of The Courageous Brand, The Advance Women’s Expert Network, and Social Sellers Academy

You need

an all-in-one online business education that shows you how to graduate from copy-cat strategies to breakthrough, one-of-a-kind thought leadership.


Your work

is needed by tens of thousands of people — they are out there waiting for YOU to say what they already have in their heart. That’s how you gain the ultimate buy-in.


Let’s skyrocket

your profits and impact so you can stop drowning in the details of running an online business and assume or retain your position as the MARKET LEADER OF YOUR INDUSTRY.

We're taking the overwhelm out of

business growth

so you can fully step into the role of CEO and become UNSTOPPABLE.

Get ready to train

like an athlete because you're about

to join the major leagues.

Our clients are creating

incredible results everyday

How The Unstoppable
Entrepreneurs Program

helped Kimberly Olson

make her previous year’s revenue in just one launch

The Challenge

Kimberly Olson, CEO of The Goal Digger Girl, teaches female entrepreneurs online strategies and simple systems for automation and duplication in their business.

Kimberly started working in network marketing about four years ago, after growing tired of working a job she hated just to pay the bills.

She had two kids under the age of three who she barely got to see during a normal workday. She was living with a TON of mom guilt, and her family was in almost 6-figures of debt.

Network marketing seemed like a way out of the stress. A way out of constantly missing her family.

So, over the course of a few years, Kimberly built and monetized her brand, bringing in a few hundred thousand dollars annually, publishing two best-selling books, hosting a top-rated podcast, and teaching others how to break free of the jobs they hate to stay home with their babies.

The problem?

She was EXHAUSTED. She had NO systems in place. And she was starting out every month at ZERO.

The Solution

Kimberly learned about The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program in December 2019, went through a free workshop, and joined the program.

She wasn’t scared of investing — she already knew the value of making an investment in coaching.

What did worry her was the time commitment. But Kimberly didn’t let that stop her.

She sat down every night and studied the material like she was back in school.

She was determined. She had big goals. And she was coachable.

Kimberly took advantage of the bite-sized approach to the training modules in the membership site, going through them as needed.

She got help when she needed it and was able to find COMPLETE clarity around:

  • Her ideal avatar and who she wanted to serve.
  • The gap in her market.
  • What she wanted her brand to be known for.
  • What was missing in her program.

The Result

Kimberly did her first Live Launch just 3 weeks after joining and brought in the same amount she had brought in the entire previous year: almost $250K.

She raised her prices and restructured her program, going from charging a few hundred dollars for 3-months to now charging $7,200 for her flagship program and $13K for her ascension program.

She was finally able to create recurring revenue in her business so she could take her time back, be there for her clients, and give them her all by bringing a program to the market that she knew people wanted.

In 2019, before joining The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, Kimberly brought in a quarter of a million.

After joining and executing her live launch cycle 6 times throughout 2020, she totaled $1.1 million in revenue, with each launch bringing in over $150K.


The Ultimate All-In-One

Online Business Incubator

where service-based business owners step into visionary leadership and master the online world. The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program is designed to take your revenues to multi-million dollar status – FAST.

With our team in your corner

You'll be able to...

Disrupt your market

Build a business that solidifies your legacy, your freedom, and your mark on the world. Stand out online and position yourself as the only choice in the mind of your ideal client, so you can springboard your business to 7 figures.

Become a household name

Every marketing and PR strategy you need is covered in The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program — from live shows and podcast guesting to stories and 15 second or less conversion activities and beyond. We cover timeless principles AND trendy tactics so you can build a legit, scalable company.

Sell inside and outside of launch

From the One Conversation Close technique to dominating with Social Selling to the Live Launch Method, you will build unstoppable confidence in how to sell online and your team will become powerhouse revenue-generators.

Build the right business infrastructure

Online marketing impacts the way you build your team and your business. We’ll show you how to put a powerful team and the right structures in place to make growth inevitable, so you can graduate from super-employee to multi-million dollar CEO.

Weekly Strategic Advisory

Kelly leads a live session each Monday, focusing on both big picture vision casting and strategic, tactical implementation. These sessions are exactly what you need to get your week started with your head fully in the game and your strategy fully on point.

Weekly Group Coaching Call

Team Unstoppable leads a live coaching call each Tuesday, with client spotlights, million dollar mindset + strategy, hot seats, and core training. These sessions are different each week, based on what’s going on in the program, the cohorts, and the online business world.

Small Group Custom Cohort

You will be placed in a small group custom cohort that is 100% focused on progressing through the 5 systems and spring boarding by launch cycle from 6 to 7 figures.

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook Group is full of like-minded 6 and 7 figure CEOs — entrepreneurs who are trail blazing, rule breaking, and building multi-million dollar businesses.

Plus, you get


Membership Site

Our content is streamlined to focus solely on the 5 systems that make up the foundation on which your multi-million dollar dreams are built.



Design and implement a repeatable volume sales system that your team (or future team) can execute, so you can see sales come in every day and stop being the sole revenue generator in your business.


Content Conversion

Create high converting content and build an iconic brand with our A to Z content creation system, so you can stand out online and become the only choice in the mind of your ideal client.


High Ticket Offers

Outline and build out your product portfolio with group AND one-to-one offers, so you can scale your business sustainably and serve your audience in a multitude of ways, price points, and offers.



All of the key considerations, systems, and resources you need to get your front of house and back of house infrastructure fully in place, so you can build and lead an all-in, unstoppable dream team.


PR and Positioning

High level PR, positioning, and visibility training to help you engineer your celebrity, get in front of the right type of audiences, and position yourself as the go-to authority in your niche.

Meet your virtual

Board of Directors

Danielle Cevallos

Chief Marketing Officer

Danielle knows how to connect with our clients because she was once in their shoes! At The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, Danielle utilized everything our program had to offer and 10-Xed her monthly income, hitting 6-figures in 9-months. Danielle fell in love with the part-time work she was doing with Team Unstoppable, so she decided to join the team in a full-time capacity. She’s already grown the marketing team from four to eleven, and now manages multiple brands associated with The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program and Kelly.

And the rest of our

Leadership Team

Katy Hoagland

Director of Social Selling

Krystel Borg

SVP of Sales and Client Success Innovation

Chelsea Burns

VP of Marketing

Khaïry Varre

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Lynn Caldwell

Agency Marketing Manager

Nicole Cattan

Cohort Leader

It's time to

make a choice

Do you want to be on the hamster wheel of tactics… or do you want to build a legacy brand based on conviction, authority, and relevance?

There are 1 million different ways to build a business. Inside The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, we teach you the solid business principles you need to make decisions based on the lifestyle you want to live, so you can find financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

Apply now for

The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program

Most flexible

Twelve monthly payments of


Best Value

One payment of


How The Unstoppable
Entrepreneurs Program

helped Julie Cabezas 5x her revenue without launching

The Challenge

Julie Cabezas, conversion copywriter and CEO of Copy Crimes, is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. She broke free of her corporate background as a marketing executive to start her own marketing agency in 2014.

From 2014-2019, Julie and her business partner grew the agency from $14K in their first year,  to over $500K in their last — but throughout their entrepreneurial journey, she never consistently made more than $5K per month.

The burnout started to kick in around December 2018. The mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends were catching up to her and she was struggling to stay motivated and stay passionate.

And on top of it all, Julie was stuck in a do-it-yourself mindset. She and her business partner were trying to do it all alone: from the sales and marketing, to the finances and photography.

She was investing $15- $20k each year in different marketing and sales courses, and was tired of having to rely on countless “masterminds” and courses. What Julie needed was an all-encompassing marketing and sales system.

The Solution

Julie discovered The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program just 17 days after starting from scratch with her brand-new agency. 

While she had done successful 6-figure launches in the past, she was looking for something new. A simple way of launching, a way of building connections and taking bigger and faster leaps in her business — without relying solely on technology.

She loved the Live Launch Method’s high-touch, low-tech approach to launching. The overly-automated, tech-heavy launch strategies were a barrier to truly connecting and serving clients in the way that she wanted to.

What she was skeptical of was the program itself.

One: it was the biggest investment she’d ever made. Was it going to live up to the hype in terms of training, access, and support?

Two: as a copy and brand positioning expert, was the Live Launch Method going to work for her business model?

Despite her concerns, Julie made the leap.

The Result

With the help of Team Unstoppable, Julie was able to restructure her program, raise her pricing, and build a successful, boutique-style agency by leveraging just a fraction of what’s taught in the program. 

She dove head first into the training content, clearing three full days on her calendar and fully immersing herself in what The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program offers — the membership site, the live calls, and the surrounding support.

She implemented the 6 Steps to Clarity right away — which, as an entrepreneur with 5 years of experience, she didn’t even think she needed.

It changed the game.

In MONTH one of joining the program, Julie hit $10K in take-home pay and made back her program investment.

With the initial $1,500 she brought in, she hired an executive assistant to handle a huge chunk of lower-level work that she could finally take off her plate.

After YEAR one, she brought in $250K as a solo copywriter. Without launching.

There's simply no other program that will get you to the finish line -

The multi-million dollar success
that you deserve

Most flexible

Twelve monthly payments of


Best Value

One payment of


Building a service based business is hard enough.

You don't have to do this alone.

Our team will run with you, arm in arm, all the way to your goals.

Register today
and be on your first
group coaching call by
next week!


Ask away!

What does The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program cost?

We offer a payment plan of $2,500 per month for 12 months, or you can pay $27,000 up front and save 10%.  

Who should join The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program?

This program is for what we call business athletes. These are entrepreneurs who value MASSIVE ROI and are looking to make MAJOR leaps in their revenue. They take complete ownership over their business growth, make no excuses, and are willing to do the work required to scale.

What does The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program include?

  • Weekly strategic advisory, focusing on both big picture vision casting and strategic, tactical implementation.
  • Weekly group coaching calls, with client spotlights, million-dollar mindset + strategy, hot seats, and core training.
  • Small group custom cohorts, focusing on progressing through the 5 systems and springboarding by launch cycle from 6 to 7 figures and beyond.
  • Our private Facebook Group, full of like-minded 6 and 7- figure CEOs building multi-million dollar businesses alongside you.
  • The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program membership site, with comprehensive trainings on the 5 systems you need in place to springboard your business from six to seven figures.

What makes Team Unstoppable different?

  • We’re one of the only female led, 8-figure companies in the coaching space.
  • We’ve coached over 50 people to the million dollar mark, and helped several clients scale from 7 to 8-figures.
  • Our clients have had 100’s of 6-figure launches, using our proprietary Live Launch Method.
  • We work with top industry influencers across the globe, in a variety of industries, and have helped them achieve unparalleled growth.
  • We have a top 10 podcast, client success stories for days, and a desire to truly pave the way for everyday people who want to achieve extraordinary things.

Why should I join The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program now?

At some point, things are going to shift in your market, and you can either disrupt your industry, or be disrupted. You can either have your whole world turned upside down, or you can be the one doing the disruption.

In The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, we teach timeless business principles in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. That’s our specialty. We help you build quickly and soundly, so you can make your dreams a reality sooner.

How much time will I need to invest?

As the visionary leader of your organization, you need to be the one driving the decisions in your business, and that requires a strong understanding of sales, content conversion, high-ticket offers, team building + management, and PR.

But you’re busy, we understand. We’re here to give you the strategic advisory and business education you need to thrive… nothing more and nothing less.

Last Time to Join!

Accepting applications until Friday, April 1st at 5:00pm EST

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