Transform Your Life and Business with Fascination

As my coaching company grows well over the 7-figure mark into 8-figures, the opportunities to both learn and get better seem to be ever-present. 


There’s such pressure in today’s world, with the speed of technology and the pace we move,  to be a perfectly polished “finished” product. We’re not encouraged to fall in love with the road to becoming

Recently I’ve been reflecting on the idea of being obsessed with the process of acquiring new skills, obsessed with learning, with becoming more, with remaining agile.

Now more than ever, in times like these, the ability to love the process and stay flexible are critical. Cultivating a mindset of fascination when it comes to learning new things, is the fuel that will keep you moving through the good and the bad!

This idea of becoming fascinated—obsessed—with learning. 

In today’s society, we’ve been trained to overlook—not invest in—the learning process. We’re trained to look at failures, setbacks—or even moments in which we don’t instantly accomplish our goals—as negative.

I coach entrepreneurs for a living, and I see how hard they are on themselves. I have this beautiful, amazing team that I get the honor of coaching every day. We’re in this massive period of growth and learning right now.

It’s truly fascinating to watch people transform before my eyes every single day and the process has unraveled. It’s not always pretty, but I am learning to truly become fascinated with the process,  as we move through growing pains, learning through new levels of success, and doing things no one thought we’d be doing this early on. 

And I want us to stay fascinated because it is how we continue to move forward with a hopeful, positive attitude. Even in times like these.

Kids are amazing at fascination. My daughter loves learning new skills like gymnastics and basketball. It’s fun for her to learn something new, even if she doesn’t excel at it right away. But we adults kick and scream and hate every moment of the learning process.

That negative attitude really breaks down and destroys our love of learning. And that love of learning is actually how you become the person who can (and will) accomplish everything you want to accomplish in your life.

To become a person of high excellence in all you do, you should be stepping forward every day in such a way that you fail continuously because you are so obsessed with becoming more as a human being. 

The degree to which you allow yourself to fail is in direct alignment with the degree to which you will be able to succeed. 

So, how do we do this? How do we become obsessed with the process of acquiring new skills? Remaining agile? Allowing ourselves to become more? How do we find fascination in reflecting on our own personal growth journey through that process versus living in the frustration of the moment when things aren’t perfect and we don’t have complete control?

I’m sure most of you, like me, are Type A high achievers. This is especially hard for us. Because we’re so hard on ourselves. When we go through the growth process, we’re more connected to the pain and failure than we are attached to—and fascinated by—the learning journey. We lose sight of the idea that we can set out to become so much more, be so much better. 

Best-selling author and speaker, Brian Tracy, talks about how a 1% improvement for 100 days is a 100% improvement. If you look at your sales and improve by 1% every day for 100 days, that’s a 100% increase. That’s pretty amazing.

You have to become fascinated, obsessed with challenging yourself, then execute in alignment with that. Don’t beat yourself up for where you’re NOT; obsess over where you ARE and what you’re becoming. 

I hope this opens up new lines of thinking for you. 

Imagine if you were able to challenge yourself a hundred times more deeply than you have been because you’re so obsessed with what you can become. What if you no longer got caught up in your ego and fear of failure and minutiae of the moment?  

Release those frustrations, that struggle, and be present to how growing through those moments will catapult you in a massive leap forward.

I want you to accomplish everything you want to do in life, be everything you want to be. I want to help you do it 10x faster with greater ease. And I want you to enjoy the process, not just the end goal.

Imagine this new attitude, this new perspective, where your self-worth increases, where you believe in yourself, truly value yourself. Where you’re confident in your ability to learn new things and become exponentially better as a person.

It will change everything.

In every area of your life. As a business owner, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a CEO, a friend, a parent. Every single thing you do, all that you are.

So, allow the stress of perfection to melt away—anything that’s been placed on you by others or that you put on yourself. Let go of the frustration and worry, and fall in love with the person you’re becoming through this learning process.

Think of how quickly you’ll become the person you want to be—with just 1% improvement each day. More quickly, more easily, more happily.

Even when things are hard, you will continue to push through and reinvent yourself. 

Hang on to the fascination – or find it again. It’s the key to massive growth in your life and business.