Your Thoughts Will Make You Or Break You

The light in young woman hands in cupped shape. Concepts of sharWhere you choose to focus your thoughts and energy will literally make you or break you. Almost everyone I know is fighting a battle personally or professionally. For thoughtssome, it is a private matter; no one knows they are suffering. For others, their personal or professional struggles become common knowledge to everyone around them whether they want it that way or not.

For some, their thoughts are overcome with sadness and defeat, while others choose to fight for their future one small decision at a time.

Every day we wake up and have to consciously choose where to place our focus. On the problems or solutions. The Past or Present. Challenge or Opportunity. The end of what was or a new beginning.

For me, gratitude has been a saving grace in my life. When I have gone through hardships, disappointments and setbacks, gratitude has always helped me put my thoughts back in perspective and find a way to move forward.

When you start to get stressed about everything that needs to be done or you start comparing what your “perfect” day or month should look like vs the day or month you’ve been given… take a step back. Remember all of the goodness in your life, and positive thoughts will follow.

Challenge yourself and those around you to take intentional steps to protect and preserve your energy and mindset day to day. How can you be a beacon of light this Holiday Season for someone that is struggling or suffering? Who can you lift up?

If you can 180 your thoughts and inspire someone to do the same, you’ve started a movement of positive, healthy thinking that will translate into a positive, healthy life.

At the end of the day it really is about giving, loving, contributing and progressing. Focus on growing and strengthening your mind and body so that you can handle more and be an example for all those around you.

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