The GAP No One is FILLING That Will Make You MILLIONS

Disruption is everywhere right now. And disruption can be a golden opportunity if you know how to use it.

One of the most important elements I teach in my Live Launch method is that you want to: 

Put yourself in a category of one. 

This concept has never been more timely than it is right this minute. Crazy times call for crazy measures. As we work through the global changes unfolding in front of our very eyes, standing out is more important than ever before.

So, how do you put yourself in a category of one?

Sell to the gap in your industry, the gap that no one is filling.

There is a major flaw in every industry. These flaws are all coming to light as we face this challenging time.

What is often the response to this major flaw? People ignore it, step over it, work around it and create more of the same.

BUT…You’ll be the one who tackles it.

Let me give you a specific example. When we reconstructed The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, we decided to become the first and only online program to teach business owners how to simplify to scale, leading with accountability coaching. 

We’re big consumers of coaching ourselves—buying courses, investing in coaching programs. And we saw a gap:

The CEO role is the only role with no accountability.

This is why 95% of businesses still fail. CEOs are all about distancing themselves from their people. No one is holding their feet to the fire. Everyone was having these struggles. 

We looked around, experienced this for ourselves, and asked:

What would the solution be? 

It was all about accessibility, 360-degree support, and accountability. We became the leader in the accountability space. We created a tidal wave of people wanting to serve more people and do better in a meaningful way by taking this concept that we brought to the market and using it. 

That was the gap in our industry. This wasn’t hard to solve or expensive to solve. We took a step back as consumers in our own space and asked what it would take to get the most optimal results—and quickly. 

If you’re thinking, “but I don’t know how to figure out the gap in my industry,” I want to challenge you: 

You do know how to translate this to your own business. 

I want to challenge your thinking here, that you don’t know what the gap in your industry is, that you can’t be the first and only one to fill it, that this isn’t your moment of opportunity right here, right now. 

If you’ve never been a consumer in your own space, you need to go out and purchase a product or a program so you can experience it for yourself.

Then take the time to slow down and ask: 

What would the dream program look like for me?

Then find the fastest, easiest way to make it happen. Wrap it up with a bow, incorporate this program into your business, and you’ll become a category of one in your industry. 

Every industry is currently ripe for disruption. Look at the taxi industry, the grocery industry. It’s a domino effect. 

In an effort to keep up with technology and automation over the past few years, people have missed the most important piece of the puzzle: serving

That’s why the entire focal point of the Live Launch method is learning how to serve at a higher level, make a bigger difference, give in a more meaningful way, interact on a deep level.

When you do that, people respond by pulling out their credit cards. 

Disruption is everywhere.

And disruption is the greatest way you can serve, make a huge impact in the world, and make an absolute ton of money doing it.

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