Strategic Planning and Time Mapping for Outcomes

Each one of us has this unbelievable tool, this crystal ball, in our possession that literally predicts the future. 

It’s called a calendar.

You have the ability to see into the future, to predict the future, by dictating with extreme authority what goes on your calendar.

In my Fortune 500 days, I learned early on that we all have the same amount of hours in a day, but what we do with those hours, in fact, predicts our futures.

When I first started in sales, I would come into the office and make calls for four hours straight. After doing this for weeks, months even, the results started pouring in. There was too much business for us to handle. 

Every big goal, every big dream, is a series of small tactical actions done with integrity and effectiveness over and over again, every single day.

Those daily phone calls, over time, translated into massive success. But I had to put them on my calendar and commit to making them day after day after day.

Your calendar has unbelievable power in your life, but you have to: 

  1. Fully utilize it  
  2. Commit with absolute certainty that you’re going to stick with it.

Many people have great intentions when it comes to their calendar, but then they don’t follow through. And then they don’t accomplish their big goals and dreams. 

You have got to commit to living by your calendar with absolute discipline every day, and you need absolute certainty and clarity about what goes on that calendar. 

If you have one but not the other, your big goals and dreams won’t happen.

This is not about some secret methodology of how you plan. We can all do this differently and have the same level of success, outcomes, results. You have the ability to own it, manage it, run it, tell it what to do. 

Only you can tell your calendar what to do.

At every age and stage of growing your business, different things need to go on the calendar. What goes on the calendar in the early stages of your business? 

Content, visibility, conversions. Getting leads and nurturing them. Messaging blocks, content creation, PR and publicity, recording podcasts, etc. Time in front of the camera on your own platforms and other platforms. 

The bulk of your day is mic time. And you want to be visible to more than just the same three people. I see a lot of entrepreneurs making a huge mistake, by not leveraging other people’s platforms. Be a podcast guest every single week. I’m still doing this and probably always will.

Once things are moving along and you have money coming in, you have to begin to think about your time from the standpoint of elevating to the next level. Now, a portion of your time is spent on duplication and multiplication. Maybe you have VA, an operations person, and part of your day is spent giving them the right instruction, feedback, and direction to go out and duplicate and multiply.

You’re going live, doing guest podcasts, cultivating leads. You never stop generating, nurturing, and converting leads. The only difference is that you’re delegating some of that now. You’ll start to see that the things you’re posting are getting repurposed, reposted, duplicated, multiplied. 

The bottom line: you have to spend your time on things that matter.

Tell your time what to do.

Grab a sheet of notebook paper (seriously, go do this right now). Draw a line down the middle. On the left side write “profit-producing activities” and on the right side write “other.”

What are you doing right now that’s going to create revenue for your business? 

When you look at big chunks of time, the vast majority of people are spending their time on the wrong things. You have to take control of your calendar. You have to prioritize the things that will spring you forward. 

There is no “I don’t have time.” If you don’t have time, you’re not prioritizing your time well. Something needs to go. What is the most profitable thing you can be doing at this very moment?

Flip back to last week’s calendar and quantify: how many hours did you spend on actual profit-producing activities? This doesn’t include tactical, behind the scenes organization. I’m talking about hours spent on strategic initiatives, profit-producing activities.

Are you working 50 hours a week and only 5 of them move your business forward in a strategic way?

The more you direct your time, the faster you’ll achieve your goals. 

Tell your time where to go and what to do. 

Your future becomes what you put on your calendar today.

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