Starting A Business From Scratch

If you’re thinking about starting a new business, or you’ve just started one – there’s no denying that today’s online market has changed. 

With a global pandemic, and a lot of uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to make sure your strategy is air tight so you can build on a firm foundation and scale through the years. 

As a former Fortune 500 executive, I built and led record-breaking teams in 17 locations around the US, during the recession of 2008. So, I know what it takes to thrive in an economic downturn. 

Now, as a leading entrepreneur on the path to building an 8-figure organization, here’s what I would do if I were building a business from the ground up in today’s market:

Step one: Get on camera.

Get on camera as much as possible, across multiple channels.

Putting yourself out there is the fastest, simplest way to build credibility. Establishing a strong online presence with videos that let your clients see you, hear you, and get a clear message of who you are and what you’re all about.    

Why on multiple channels?

It doesn’t matter how much you want to serve people, or how greatly you can impact their lives – if they can’t find you.

Get yourself out there.

Step two: Find your perfect avatar

I would figure out who my perfect avatar was. 

In today’s world, we have the unbelievable opportunity to handpick exactly who we want to work with and then go acquire those clients. 

How do you find those perfect clients? Getting clear on not just the demographics of your idea client, but the psychographics of your ideal client will help you to connect with them across platforms. 

Then, I would go to Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and I would connect, follow and engage with the people I wanted to work with, every single day. Not in a weird, slimy way, but in an authentic way, leading with service!

Step 3: Bring immense value.

Once I found those ideal clients and connected with them, I would bring them immense value.

Which brings us back to step one, get on camera. Share your unique knowledge and expertise, and let them know exactly how you can serve them. 

The most powerful tool you can harness as an entrepreneur in today’s online business market is video content that adds value, engages, and ultimately converts your ideal clients. 

Bonus tip: I would use a podcast in addition to going live every day, to help me ideal clients get to know, like and trust me while allowing me to network with others and serve using a different medium. 

While all three of these things are critical to your success, you will also need to master marketing and sales so that once you start building your following, you can turn your leads into clients. Want some help dominating your marketing each and every week? 

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