Small Business Training Programs

Small Business Training Programs

Finding the right training program to fit your business, lifestyle, and budget can be a difficult task. Here at Kelly Roach Coaching we have a wide selection of small business training programs that could be the right fit for you!


3 Small Business Training Programs at Kelly Roach Coaching:


Option 1: The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program

You will have access to an exclusive membership website with training modules on topics such as productivity, closing more clients, and moving your business from one to one to one to many.

Membership includes weekly coaching calls with Kelly, a Private Facebook group with support from Kelly and your peers, monthly accountability calls, and so much more!

  • This is THE BEST IN CLASS business coaching program on the market today – designed to help you stop spinning your wheels and running in a thousand different directions trying desperately to grow your business so you can START following a systematic, efficient and effective SYSTEM for rapid business growth
  • When you sign up for this program you will also receive 1 Private session with Kelly to kick off your work together and maximize your time in the program
  • The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program is one of our excellent small business training programs for small business owners just getting started
  • The cost of this program is $350/month for 12 months with 2 ironclad guarantees to ensure 0 risk for you

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Option 2: 0-100k

This is only A-Z business building training that will help you go from 0-$100k in your business in 6 months or less…even if you stink at selling or are starting at 0. 0-100k is a complete sales training, prospecting and lead generation program equally effective for use online or offline.

If you’re struggling with any of the following, this program is a MUST:

  • Sales and/or pricing
  • Closing clients
  • Charging what you’re worth
  • Garnering interest in your product or service
  • Making your business profitable or growing your business

You’ll see amazing results whether you want to sell offline or online, to businesses or to consumers

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Option 3: 30 days to higher profits and profitability

The “30 Days to Higher Profits” Program For Entrepreneurs takes you by the hand and walks you through 3 easy-to-implement strategies that get you moving now! In just 30 days we will turn things around so you WILL make this your best year ever!

Listen: overwhelm, frustration, stress, and struggle aren’t just stealing your joy. They are killing your business.

In 30 days, you will begin transforming your entrepreneurial dream into a true Bridge To Freedom Business™ as you discover how to:

  • Create ongoing breakthroughs in your business, without working more hours, through the #1 daily ritual you must complete, either individually or with your team
  • Manage a massive workload, with minimal stress
  • Eliminate the constant distractions and get more profit production done in an hour then, up until now, you’ve done all week
  • Powerfully handle the growing demands on your time
  • Move swiftly and aggressively toward your biggest goals – with SUCCESS
  • Simplify your daily routine to work less and earn more
  • And much, much more!

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small business training programs


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