Small Business Growth Strategies

Small Business Growth Strategies

Calling all small business owners! Feeling a little sluggish about your new year’s resolutions? It happens to all of us! We set our goals for the new year and a few months in, we lose that spark and motivation. Today’s video will serve as a mid-year spark to revisit your goals and dreams. It includes small business growth strategies that will help you to finish off this year where you had hoped!

5 Steps to Create Unstoppable Momentum: Small Business Growth Strategies

This 5 step process includes great small business growth strategies that will help you to not only refocus your goals, but to grow your business and achieve success.


  1. Mindset

Mindset is something you have to work on every single day! You can’t just work on this once a year or have a pep talk every few weeks. Those who are committed to success work on it every single day.

Takeaway #1: Get your mindset in check!

Focus on where you’re going and what it will take to get there.

Takeaway #2: The little things are the big things.

An hour a day will make a difference. Commit pockets of your time!

Takeaway #3: Set a system in place.

Break your goals down effectively and set a system in place to reach those goals. Create a workable plan.

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  1. Time

Anyone who knows me knows I am fanatical about how I use my time! I struggled for years with time management and I do not want you to experience those same struggles. Don’t burn yourself out and become exhausted!

The only asset you have that is irreplaceable is time. Time is the most valuable thing you will ever have. How you use your time determines the quality of your life. Where you focus your energy is the decider of your destiny. Here are 3 key tips to help you manage your time more effectively:

  • You need to be outward facing
  • Understand the difference between proactive and reactive
  • Producing versus consuming

Head to for more tips on how to use your time more effectively and for more small business growth strategies!


  1. Courage and Discipline

You have to have courage and discipline be bold in business! You need to make yourself known to the world and not be afraid to stand out.

Takeaway #1: Be careful who you take your advice from

Make sure to create distinction between those you take advice from and those who you love and care about. You can’t take advice from just anyone.

Takeaway #2: Put yourself in the spotlight

You can’t hide your talent and yourself. Risk failure to put yourself in the running for success.


  1. Have a serious strategic plan

You must have a road map and a track you are on. I cannot stress this enough! Think about your future: Is it possible to get to the level of income you desire? Is your plan realistic? The number one problem I see with people’s plans is that they do not correlate with their goals. They have to correlate! Follow a proven a profitable roadmap to achieve success.


  1. Surround yourself with positive pressure

You need to surround yourself with people who are better than you! This will help to create a positive pressure that will motivate you. Let’s face it, there will be days where you don’t feel like moving forward because it’s no longer exciting and fun. There are bumps and bruises along the way in any business setting. You need positive pressure to keep yourself accountable!


Want to learn more? Check out Episode 110 of my podcast Unstoppable Success Radio: 5 Steps to Create Unstoppable Momentum

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