This is the ONE Skill Entrepreneurs Need to Grow Through the Recession

During the last recession in 2008, I was working for a Fortune 500 firm as an area VP, responsible for 6 locations and 35 people. I was on my way up—not at the peak of my career, but quickly climbing the ladder. 

And the whole world was collapsing around us. 

I was in the people business—the staffing business—so we were on the front lines of everything. The vast majority of our competitors went out of business completely, and our major competitors shut down a massive amount of branches, laying off hundreds of people. My firm did as well.

I, however, was committed to NOT allowing that to happen for my people. 

I made a huge commitment to my team: zero layoffs and zero closed branches. I was the person responsible for coming up with a profit plan, designing it, leading the team through it, and executing it.

And I did it.

We made a massive pivot. I told my team: “You’re going to think I’m completely crazy. We’re going to do something that’s never been done before.”

We focused on a sector that we hadn’t even been playing in. We went after bigger offers, higher skill sets. We pivoted our way to profit. 

It was painstakingly, unbelievably difficult, but we got through it. And we got through it successfully.

It ended up being one of the company’s biggest profit years ever.

We delivered to the market where the market was buying. We focused on a different element of offers, because that’s where people’s essential needs were at the time.

We tuned in to what people needed most in the moment.

And here we are again in 2020.

The pivot was CRITICAL, but there was something that was far more important for our success. Why were we able to grow and profit during a recession? 

It was the certainty and competence to sell. 

Without a doubt, what I’ve already seen with this pandemic, with the ushering in of the financial crisis now unfolding, so many businesses will tap out completely. Your competitors will be exiting the space. It’s less expensive to advertise and there’s more opportunity, but you’ll have to lean in hard. You’ll have to exude a level of confidence you don’t think you’re capable of.

Here’s the bottom line: when the last recession happened, there was no such thing as live streaming. And we weren’t in a global pandemic. It’s a whole new ballgame.

The number one skill you MUST master right now is: selling with conviction on camera.

That will be how your business sustains, grows, elevates, and thrives through this recession.

We have months of hardship ahead of us. We need to get ourselves in the right mental state. Focus. Power up energetically. Dial in your ability to leverage social selling and really utilize your on-camera conviction to bring your offers to the market consistently.

If you do this, you will thrive. You will win this recession. You will come out on top, a leader. But you have a choice to make, a side to pick. Will you be a Stoppable, like so many others during this time, or an Unstoppable?

I started my own business in 2012. This is the first time I’m getting to pull tools out of my tool belt to show you how you can grow and thrive through this. I’m pulling out all the stops. Everything I’ve got. 

I can teach you how to show up with conviction on camera with the right launch mechanisms to take your business to the moon. 

Showing up with conviction on camera will be your single most powerful tool. 

You absolutely need this skill. I want you to be working on your on-camera presence every single day. I want you surrounding yourself with people doing the same. 

No matter what your news feeds tell you, there is endless opportunity in every single area right now. It’s up to you to pay attention, to open up your mind, your heart, and your focus, to capitalize on it.

It’s not time to mess around. It’s time to go.

My new book, The Live Launch Method, is now available for preorder (releases May 14!). It includes everything you need to know to get down to business, to get locked and loaded, to get the job done—especially during this recession, using nothing but your phone! If you are a service-based business owner, this book is for you. Grab a copy here.