Revolt Against the Norms and Make Millions

Revolt Against the Norms and Make Millions

There are moments in time in all of our businesses where we feel like we’re producing vanilla content, where we’re not excited about what we’re doing. Days where we don’t wake up in the morning and joyfully jump up on our feet to run and lead and create and grow our businesses.

There are these moments for each one of us where we look in the mirror—at our content and programs and assets—and think, “Wow, this looks just like what everyone else is doing.”

So, how do we differentiate ourselves, elevate our businesses, stand out in the crowd? 

We’ve got to start raging and revolting against industry norms.

I want to teach you the key distinctions you need to become aware of—and step into—what will really separate you and elevate you into a category of one status.

That’s what this whole concept of conviction marketing is. Stepping out of vanilla and stepping into a unique brand positioning based on deep thought, deep conviction, and one-of-a-kind content that allows you to cut through the noise and become recognized as a standout in your field.

Stop playing—and staying—small. It’s time to elevate to true leadership status in your industry.

If you wonder why your business doesn’t stand out, it’s because you’re subconsciously absorbing and putting yourself in the mix with all these other people in your industry space, and you begin to think alike, look alike, talk alike, and succumb to groupthink. You’re playing follow the leader when no one really has the answers. You’re absorbing your industry norms and becoming your industry. 

Everyone just blends together with no distinction.

It comes to a point where you think, “This is what people want, so why would I reinvent the wheel? I should stick with playing it safe.”

But you’re absolutely bored to death. You’ve lost your spark. You’ve lost yourself. You don’t even know what makes you YOU any more.

You’re bored with your stuff. Your market is bored with your stuff. Because you’re creating within the confines of what you think is acceptable in your space instead of removing yourself completely from the industry norms and creating intuitively based on your observations and life experiences.

I don’t believe in niching down. I don’t believe in staying inside a box with only people in your own industry to keep you company. 

Instead, what I do is bring people together from countless different industries to look at new ideas, new business models, new approaches, different things that work in different industries and spaces. 

As a strategist, I see so much value in my clients learning from diverse voices. We know there is so much power in diversity. Being in the mix with a hugely diverse population will eliminate groupthink and enable and empower you to start thinking for yourself.

Don’t listen to that little voice in your head telling you to play it safe and stay inside the industry box so you can be “competitive.” This is a very old-school way of thinking. It’s subconscious. You don’t even realize you’re doing it.

We talk so often about identifying the gap in your industry. And I don’t mean just recognizing your industry’s flaws and complaining about them. I’m talking about being committed to fixing those flaws. I’m talking about committing your life to producing the solutions to fill that gap in a new and different way. 

I want you to understand more of the customer’s operating reality, their journey, their experience, feelings, deep desires, when they’re trying to achieve solutions in your space. Don’t spend more time focused on what your industry is doing when you could be spending time getting to know—and falling in love with—your customer so you can create superior solutions for them.

All the noise coming from your industry clouds your ability to listen to yourself and recognize your own instincts. Celebrate and elevate your own intuition. You’re stronger than you know; you know more than you realize; and it’s time for you to step up into that leadership position. 

Trust yourself. Allow yourself to create based on instinct—what’s inside of you, not what’s going on all around you. Tune in to your own intuition and listen to where you’re being pulled and called. Allow yourself to break out of the box of what’s been done in your space. Operate from imagination and fascination to create something completely new. Yes, the risk is higher, but it’s what will open up your maximum potential. 

Go against the grain. Explore your vision outside of the box. No more cookie cutter mentality. That’s how you become peerless and catapult into a category of one.