Pivot Your Offer From a Want to a Need

One of the most important shifts you need to make in order to maximize your sales – particularly during a recession – is turning your offer from a want or a luxury, into a need. While it might seem impossible, I want to encourage you to suspend your disbelief…at least until you finish reading this article. 

You Create The Narrative

Before we walk through how to turn your offer into an urgent need, you need to understand one incredibly important thing…you shape the market’s perception of your services. If you decide your offer is a need and create something highly transformational, you can easily bring that message to your market and see incredible results. 

Start With a Highly Transformational Offer

Regardless of what you do – if you can provide your clients with an offer that changes their life in some way – you can turn that into a need. However, you have to start with an offer that’s truly going to make a change. This is why I speak so often about why courses are not as easy to sell as high-touch programs – they don’t offer the same level of transformation. For some of you, starting with the offer itself might be step 1.

Dig Deep

Before you can go to market with a need – you need to do some digging. If you want your prospects to believe that your offer is an urgent need, YOU have to fully believe your offer is in fact, a need.  Not sure you’re there yet? 

Dig into The Emotion

What gets you most fired up about what you do? Don’t just settle on the obvious, really assess your own emotional connection to what you do. What’s on the line for your people if they don’t opt-in? What world-changing potential is at your prospect’s fingertips if they do opt-in. Don’t rush this process. Get to the heart of your own beliefs. 

Decide on Your Positioning

Once you have thought through exactly what makes your offer critical, you will likely need to do some educating. Your market will respond, but they might need you to help them understand the stakes. Since you’ve already thought through what’s on the line if they don’t take you up on this offer, you can start there. Next,  paint a picture of how deciding to take you up on your offer will be the catalyst to your prospects getting what they truly want and need. 


If you can’t fully commit to your messaging and sell with complete conviction – others won’t have the confidence in you or your offer and won’t whip out their debit card. You have to know you can get results. You have to feel certain that your offer will change people’s lives. Your level of commitment to your offer and its power will have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

If you are iffy – your people will be iffy. 

This battle starts in your own mind. Once you get clear on why your offer is needed, take that message, emotion, and conviction to your market with confidence, and watch the impact on your bottom line. 

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