Overcoming Lack Through Innovation

Overcoming Lack Through Innovation

Did you know more than 80% of the world’s population lives on less than 10 dollars per day?


Put that into perspective.


Think about yourself and where you put your money. Is it your house, the nice things you have, luxuries?


What we don’t realize is how we take these things for granted and get so used to it.


One thing entrepreneurs always say is “I have an idea for my business and I know where I want to go but the money is holding me back”, “I know what I need to do, I just can’t do it” or “I have to get into this position and wait for this one thing to happen”


We sometimes forget we can start overcoming barriers to innovation.


Yes, these things are important to consider but instead we put it into the category of luxuries that our business needs in order to grow and thrive like


  • Advertising
  • Visibility
  • Getting help
  • Marketing


You can’t just ignore these valuable assets for your business and think you’re going to succeed


So many times, we have things within our reach and become lazy to use our brain


We may become lazy and conform to all of the luxuries we have. However, take a moment to consider all that you have read. Begin by thinking twice about the stories you tell over and over again about how much you are lacking, experiencing and the things that have stopped you.


Consider this: For the greatest minds and people that go the furthest and accomplish the most, the area and lack in their life always becomes the biggest inspiration


Do you feel like the most talented person always wins the race at the end of the day, No!


  • It’s the person who has what they need, the knowledge within them and all of their experience that will ultimately win the battle.
  • The person who has the heart, perseverance, fire inside, and determination to overcome what they are lacking in their life to find all of the opportunity that underlies within that “disadvantage” they believed they had.


We have it all wrong. Due to us being so lazy and the things we have right within our reach, it has been societal norms that have convinced us that luxuries are necessities and necessities are luxuries.


You want to be able to say at the end of the day you have built a business you can pass on due to the money you put into advertising to grow your business not the new car you just bought.


As an entrepreneur, you have to look at these types of things every day and realize you can begin overcoming barriers to innovation.


It’s time for entrepreneurs to buckle down, Innovation is the secret to surviving the marketplace we live in today.


But if you’re an entrepreneur and you can’t learn to

  • Make something out of nothing
  • Overcome hurdles and setbacks
  • Find a way to create the result that you want even in spite of setbacks and challenges
  • A lack of resources
  • Not being funded or whatever it is


Trying to make it the business world is going to be low


Being able to innovate is going to give you greater chances of survival. Innovation is the way to stay in the game in the changing global environment that we are working in.


Being able to solve problems is the number one to-do task as an entrepreneur.


Begin by making good profitable decisions and the right choices to start overcoming barriers to innovation.


One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is sacrificing so much in the wrong areas but not enough in the right ones


You cannot get the car to drive unless you are willing to fill up the tank


Don’t sit back and think if I put no investments with no money into my business, I am going to succeed. Go out and seek the things you need to do so you have the money to create your business.

  • Get and extra job
  • Make phone calls in your free time
  • Connect


Do whatever it takes because this is for your family.


Go out and go after what you can do to grow and facilitate innovation within your business and start overcoming barriers to innovation.


Get yourself outside of the barriers you have built up for yourself.


When you begin to put things into perspective on the amount of lack that you have and or feeling, you realize how much abundance you actually have. Look within those layers within the lack. Then you will find the opportunities that lie within.

Put your lack into perspective and begin overcoming barriers to innovation!


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Overcoming Lack Through Innovation






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