One Shift to Make in Your Business

As featured on my recent Facebook Live “Three Feet from Gold, A Reminder and Hidden Lesson”

As a little motivation for the upcoming week, I invite you to explore the lesson of three feet from gold!

We all go through ups and downs constantly within our business.

I always say it’s the best and most challenging personal development exercise you could ever embark on: building your own business.

My goal in doing these live sessions with you is to not only for you to have the mindset to succeed, but the motivation to give it your all going into the day. Then bring it full circle with some actionable tips and strategies.

Recently I was re-reading my favorite book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and specifically the section “Three Feet from Gold”.

The story is about individuals that went out to where the gold was being discovered and were digging and digging, they had a gold vain and lost it. Eventually they gave up on finding it and went home.

The next person came in and they did something different. They hired someone to find where that vain of gold was.

They found it and the rest was history!

So, when you are the midst of struggle or failure and feel like this is the end and you have to make a moments decision, we feel panicked.

A lot of times we simply give up when we don’t see a validation for our success. We’re looking for something to tell us that what we are doing is working and the results will come.

Unfortunately, in the entrepreneurial space, even though you’re working hard for months and or years, you might not see a direct correlation with those results.

A lot of times as well it’s all about the mindset and the place that you focus your thoughts that are going to determine your path to success.

It’s what’s under the hood that’s dictating everything in your life and business

The one lesson that really sticks out to me in the story is specifically the second group of diggers. They came in to look for this vain of gold and immediately hired someone to find where the vain was.

They wasted no time or energy, brought in an expert, helped them find it and boom there it was.

I think sometimes because of ego or fear of investing money, we don’t get help from those who can give us what we want to eliminate the struggle that we’ve been going through.

You can look at almost every circumstance in life: relationships, business, and every other area.

If you just leave your ego at the door and ask for help when you know that you need it, when you’re doing everything you can and are still struggling that investment will always pay return.

My question for you is this: “In what area has ego or fear prevented you from getting the help that you actually need to get the results that you want and deserve for your business and life?”

No matter what area of life you want to impact this week, whether you want to go get more clients, building a team, or start using social media marketing within your business, go find someone who can help you do that!

But most importantly, believe in yourself!

I want to wish you an amazing week this week! Go out there and go get em!

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