One Mistake You're Making with Social Media In Your Business

One Mistake You’re Making With Social Media in Your Business

I get it, social media is one of the biggest things out there to grow your business and create visibility.

Within my own business, social media has been one of the biggest drivers for Kelly Roach Coaching.

I have been an avid Facebook advertiser and this platform has been huge for list building and client generation.

Those that are doing well, are combining both online and offline strategies to grow their business.

Online they are creating lead generation, visibility and opportunity.

Offline they are driving people to good sound business touch to get real conversations and consults that convert.

The fastest and easiest way to get a high dollar sale in your business is through a free consultation in just about any realm of business.

The number one mistake you’re making with social media in business is this…

  1. Using social media and the online space to do 100% of their leads and conversions.

Yes, we all want to use social media to gain fans, subscribers, build your email list and stay relevant.

But you also have to get good at pulling people from online to offline if you want to succeed in business today!

I challenge everyone today to really look at your business and ask yourself these questions.

  • “Have you swung the pendulum too far in your reliance on online visibility to build your business? 
  • Are you not combining that with good sound business principles?”

Just by scheduling meetings, phone consultations or conversations to get that new lead from online and into the offline you can start seeing results!

Stop making that one mistake with social media and start getting smart and savvy today!

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One Mistake You're Making with Social Media In Your Business


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