Top 10 Travel Tools for Freedom Based Businesses

BeachWorkIt’s a mobile world and that means you don’t need to be tied to a desk or an office to run your business!

Here are my top 10 travel tools that let me roam free and can help you build your business without compromising the freedom based lifestyle you crave!

All of the tools below are my top travel tools for business and can be downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet!

  1. Paypal – Take customer payments and make payments as easy as 1,2,3.
  2. Square – The credit card swiper can be used with or without the actual credit card to take payments from customers and clients.
  3. Skype – Conduct client consults across borders and take client calls on the go. Start getting new clients from anywhere in the world!
  4. Hootsuite Mobile App – Stay connected on social media, pre-plan posts, and ensure there are no blackout periods during a social media campaign while you are traveling.
  5. Trip-it – Store all of your travel details in one place. This program will automatically combine all your travel information to create an itinerary for your car service, hotel, flights, etc, so you don’t have to remember a thing!
  6. Audio Acrobat– If you provide any type of coaching or consulting this allows you to record your sessions and send the audio to your clients afterwards.
  7. Dropbox – This is an amazing tool for sending and storing big files! The cloud storage system can be accessed by multiple parties and is updated in real time. It is a lifesaver and a timesaver when working with virtual support teams and staff members across the country. Never send an email attachment again!
  8. Dragon – Dictate and send messages to your team or to yourself when typing is not an option or you need to be hands free.
  9. Time Trade – This is an awesome appointment scheduling tool with the ability to send event invitations and reminders. Select the most convenient times you are free and block off times you’re not available. Send the link for your calendar to employees or clients and allow them to pick from your available times for meetings or calls.
  10. WebEx or Go To Meetings – Both programs are great options to access webinars, visual presentations, and trainings while you’re on the go.

Where can you cut ties with the office, let loose and go mobile to enjoy more freedom in your business? What are you waiting for? Use these top travel tools to your advantage!

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