Your Mindset: Success From the Inside Out

A healthy mindset is often the missing link in ongoing sustained success. Achieving and sustaining extraordinary results requires more than hard work and decisive action; it requires a superior mindset.

Attaining a superior mindset gives you the strength, focus and clarity to overcome obstacles, break through barriers and keep going even when the odds are stacked against you.

Many high achieving individuals focus on their personal development at some point in their lives in order to create a breakthrough or overcome obstacles to their success. The problem is that maintaining and sustaining an optimal mindset over time takes daily maintenance! Not a onetime quick fix!

Today I will share a few daily rituals that can help you take your business and life to the next level in just a few minutes a day — surprise: it all starts with a healthy mindset!

  • 11201105_824895590956843_4205342193254149261_n-300x259Gratitude Exercises: Begin every single day calling to mind all the good in your life and express sincere thanksgiving for each specific blessing. Get in tune with the abundance all around you, and show you are ready for more. Think of things like your health, your senses, your job or career, your loved ones, your friends, your clients, and your colleagues. Nothing is too small to give thanks for. Did you know that expressing gratitude can increase happiness by 25%?
  • Lifelong Learning: Dedicate time on a daily basis to your personal growth as a human being. The time you spend getting ready in the morning or the time you devote to your daily commute is a perfect opportunity for this. Identify individuals who have achieved the kind of success you would like to emulate. Actively listen to meditation, personal development or business success audios on a daily basis. Whether you have fifteen minutes or an hour, any amount of daily learning from those who have achieved success in their respective niche will help you on your journey.
  • Integrate exercise into your workday: Use your 10 minute breaks, lunch hour or time on conference calls productively. When you need to meet with a colleague or your manager request to have your meeting outside and go for a walk, unless you prefer to sit under fluorescent lights, stagnant for long periods of time. What could be less inspiring? If you work in a building with stairs or even if you work from home, run the stairs in 10 minute bursts throughout the day. You will be shocked at the energy lift you experience. There are so many ways to integrate exercise into your workday; there is simply no excuse not to exercise. Your body and mind need activity to stimulate clear thought, sharp decision making and optimal performance. Once you make this shift, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your mindset is affected.
  • Manage your Mantras: Become aware of your automatic thought patterns. Whether you are conscious or unconscious of your thoughts, they will have an impact on your results. What you repeat to yourself over and over again typically manifests itself in your life. Create a new mantra, and say it consciously on a daily basis. Write it down and display it in places you will see it often. This will serve as a reminder to yourself of why you are doing what you are doing and what it will take to achieve success.

That’s enough for now to get you started. Bigger and better things are ahead but you have to put as much ACTION as you have DESIRE to achieve them.

This means not just hard work but getting optimal in every area of your life,
including your mindset.

Stay tuned for part two next week! We will dig in to more rituals that are guaranteed to help you create the next breakthrough you are working towards!

For additional mindset breakthroughs and business building strategies, check out my podcast, Unstoppable Success Radio!