Meet the Passive Income Pro: Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a former air force pilot who spent time in the private sector in the advertising and medical device industries — but a constant dream of becoming his own boss led him to bring School Spirit Vending to the cutting edge of the vending and fundraising industries, and a leading figure in mastering passive income.

Like most entrepreneurs, Matt started small – in fact, he participated in door to door sales while diving headfirst into growing his side business.

“There are too many people who are getting ready to get ready to get ready,” — Matt Miller, School Spirit Vending

This week on Unstoppable Success Radio, Matt is discussing not only his experience growing School Spirit Vending, but how he has helped to grow the business into not only a way to help families bring in an additional stream of income, but a means to raise millions of dollars for education.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Matt turned School Spirit Vending into a reliable source of passive income for himself and others
  • Why you need to learn by doing — learn more about the beginning of Matt’s journey prior to striking it big
  • Matt’s everyday rituals for success, from why he wakes up early to gratitude and keeping his focus in check

For the “everyday entrepreneur” it is extremely important to learn from those who have done it well… people just like you and I who have learned the lessons, created their own success, and are willing to share their stories.

At Matt’s story shows, determination and perseverance pay off — from starting to sales process to just getting people to listen to your pitch.

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Want to connect with Matt Miller? He is happy to share his wisdom with listeners:

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