Making Sales Everyday

Where your energy flows is where your outcomes will grow.

When you get enough energy flowing in your business in the right direction, you can absolutely be making sales every single day of the year.

But there’s a big difference between making a sale inside of launch and making a sale outside of launch. To put it very simply, when you’re selling inside of launch, you’re selling the program. When you’re selling outside of launch, you’re selling your general outcome.

When you book consults inside of launch, you’re being upfront and honest that this is a consult about the program. You are saying things like: “Hi, Sharon. It looks like you enjoyed the workshop. It sounds like we’re a match. I’d love to explore this with you.”

Something happens when we start finding our groove in Launch World. We start getting really good at launches. We’ve mastered that methodology of selling inside of launches, and our brains forget what we already know: that the problem you solve with your business is a problem people have every day of the year. Not just during launches. 

This is really good news. 

But people get overwhelmed and confused. What do I do when I’m not in launch? 

You switch your focus. You pivot your DM conversations. You move from selling your program to meeting the need your business was created to meet. Let’s say you’ve been chatting with a lead, nurturing the relationship, but are between launches.

That conversation might go something like this: “Hey, Sharon. I know we’ve been chatting back and forth about your business. It looks like you have some pretty big goals for the year. I’m actually offering free strategy sessions for entrepreneurs who want to add a six-figure income using simple strategies online. Do you think you’d be interested in this? I’m going to give you three things you can do to start earning more money as soon as you get off the phone with me.”

So, what did I just do there?

  1. I pivoted the conversation back to the general problem and the general solution. 
  2. I promised I would deliver value for her, regardless of whether or not she buys. 
  3. I delivered an immediate solution.

And…I booked a consult call that can easily turn into a sale.

These three things work for every entrepreneur, no matter what it is you’re selling. 

First, you pivot the conversation from the program you just launched back to the general problem and the general solution. She wants to grow her business. I can show her how.

Then, you offer value with no strings attached. I’m going to give her three things she can do to start earning money and enhance her experience as a business owner. That’s valuable.

People don’t want to get on the phone to hear about what they can buy from you. That comes later.  People who aren’t sure they want to buy yet want to know that, if they talk to you, it will add value regardless.

And that value? Is immediate. In exchange for spending time on the phone with me, I’m going to give you value that you can immediately apply to your life. You delivering immediate solutions is huge. You’re establishing credibility and authority. You’re saying to your potential client: I’m going to teach you. I’m an educator, not a salesperson. I’m a giver

Outside of launch, you’re zooming back out to a general discussion about the consistent problem your market is always facing. And you’re positioning yourself as a person with a solution to that persistent problem, an authoritative resource they can trust.

You’re getting people excited to talk to you because of the value you deliver. Give your free strategy session a name. Talk about what they’ll get out of it. And a quality consultation shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Your business needs to be getting people into consults every single day.

It doesn’t always have to be you. It can be someone on your team. All of my social sellers have daily metrics: 250 touches per day per person. Let’s say my social sellers have a message to get out today. They aren’t sure which method will get the best response, so they take 10 different things and send them to 25 people each.

Maybe they send a voice memo to 25 people, a 30-second video to 25 people, a DM to 25 people, go live and tag 25 people, and so on. Get creative! You’ll be able to quickly see which ones get the best response. Once you do the tests, you’ll see the trends.

Now, let’s talk about the distinction between your general lead list and your qualified database. Your lead list is wide-reaching and includes anyone and everyone who is a potential client. Your database is made up of people you’ve qualified, people you absolutely feel are worth the pursuit and following up with every day.

You need to find a way to focus more attention on your qualified database. Every day you should try to move 10 people from the lead list to the database. 

There are several ways to do this: a DM, a connect call, a form. I personally prefer a DM or connect call. I used forms in the past, before social selling evolved to where it is today, but you really don’t want to be giving someone homework before they even get qualified. 

My strength in sales has always been about asking questions and listening to the response. When you send a DM or make a connect call, ask the person what they’ve invested in over the past 12 months. They’ll give you the whole answer key.

Build rapport, get more intel (i.e., “discovery”), present solutions geared toward everything they just told you, and then close. It’s that simple.

Then, once you’ve moved people from your lead list to your database, it’s time for a consult call. And, remember, in those calls you’re 1.) discussing a problem and solution. 2.) delivering value. 3.) offering immediacy. All in 20 minutes.

If you want to see daily sales, commit to something and make it habitual. For the next 30 days, focus on getting consults on the books. Every day, commit to a certain number of touches, and move 10 people from your lead list to your database.

Challenge yourself every day for those 30 days to: touch new leads, nurture existing leads, qualify leads you already have, and move qualified leads into consults. Move those people through that funnel—a steady stream of activity.

What you focus on grows. Where your energy is pointed, that’s the outcome you’ll create. 

Before you know it, you’ll see sales happening in your business every single day.