Jeff Brown on Translating Passion into Captivating Content




Today’s guest episode of USR features speaker, podcaster, and author Jeff Brown.  For nearly 30 years, Jeff has been earning his living behind a microphone; first as an award-winning broadcaster and now as a successful podcaster, podcast coach, and speaker.  


Since July of 2013, Jeff has served as host of the Read to Lead Podcast, a three-time Best Business Podcast nominee, featuring interviews with today’s best business book authors including, Seth Godin, John Maxwell, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Chris Brogan, Brian Tracy, Dan Miller, and over 100 more.


“The key to creating quality content is excellence with consistency over time.”


Jeff and his work have been featured in Inc. and Entrepreneur, the blogs of Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Jeff Goins and Social Media Explorer, as well as publications like The Nashville Business Journal, The Tennessean, and over 100 other blogs and podcasts.


Jeff uses his experiences to teaches entrepreneurs how to take a love for podcasting and translate it in a way to connect with people and build up not only their businesses, but also their everyday lives.


In this episode, you will learn:

-the single biggest mistake new podcasters make and how to make sure you aren’t doing it yourself

-how to capture the hearts and minds of your audience so your connection with them lasts well after they view your content  

-how to take your deepest passion and turn it into compelling, thought provoking content your audience hungrily seeks out


“Be so good they can’t ignore you”


Jeff specializes in helping clients understand how to leverage the “intimacy” of the medium, utilizing techniques that have enabled him and his clients to successfully stand out from the crowd.  He continues to use the techniques and strategies he has learned to help others step out and find their own unique voice in whatever niche area they are working in.


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