How to Make Six Figures

How to Make Six Figures

Are you an entrepreneur wondering how to make six figures in your business? Here’s the thing – every entrepreneur should be striving towards the 6 figure mark. And not just because of HOW POSSIBLE it is, but how SIMPLE it can be when you follow a system.

If you’re like me, you’re not just in business for any old reason. You got into business to follow your passion, to make an impact, to support your loved ones. Maybe to benefit your community. To help others grow into their full potential. The list goes on and on…

Reaching 6 figures opens so many doors for the impact you are able to make. Fired up yet? Let’s dive into that system so you can learn how to make six figures.

First things first: a key consideration —


In business, 90 percent of the time, there is extraneous work that could be cut out. By doing this, not only would you be able to cut hours but learn how to make six figures in your business.

Being the true owner and CEO of your business means working closest to the activity that actually brings in revenue. You don’t bring in revenue by posting on social media, or loading up your newsletter. On top of that, you also don’t need to be the sole operator — in fact, if you are your business right now, that’s what will keep you small.

Your to-do list this month: look at all of the daily tasks in your business. How much time are they taking away from time you could be spending closing clients? I can almost guarantee that the things you’re spending time on could be outsourced to a VA, an intern, or even a part time assistant for cheap.

Think about this: You spend two hours today loading up content. Imagine you pay someone $10/hour to do that for you. That’s $20 spent — and in that two hours, you could schedule at least two consults with qualified leads.

I bet closing ONE of those leads would net you more than $20.

Make sense?

Starting to make sense? I know it can be terrifying to let go of some of the elements you’ve become accustomed to doing. It’s a mindset shift and that is needed to help you figure out how to make six figures.


Start with these three steps to improve your mindset:

  1. Simplicity
    • You don’t need tons of social media followers or platforms to create a six-figure business. What you do need is a list of 360 qualified leads to set yourself up for about 1.5 years of sales.
  2. Focus 
    • Every week, schedule in consultations to help facilitate growth within your business. Make it your priority to have 3 weekly conversations with well-qualified leads. On average, you will net 1 sale from doing so.
    • Spend time working on your mindset and personal development – if you think like a six figure earner you will become a six figure earner.
  3. Ease
    • You don’t need to rush the process. Remember, every ‘overnight success story’ is 15 years in the making.
    • Start with a simple LinkedIn profile – make connections and utilize messaging campaigns to get to know your prospect and build a strong rapport with them so you can schedule a phone consultation with them.

How to Make Six Figures



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