How to Get Subscribers

You know you have great content, but you’re still not seeing the results you want. Sound familiar? As a new business owner, I was constantly trying to figure out how to get subscribers. I quickly learned, there was no one teaching this! It’s time to learn how to create raving fans, followers, and customers that buy.

How to get subscribers: create a fan base

Takeaway #1: You must show up

You must show up every week in a big way on a platform in which you regularly engage with your people. Commit yourself to heavily to things like podcasting and PR. You have to be on a platform that will help you create a big following. Create a consistent place where people can find you each week: a video, webinar, podcast, Facebook live etc. Show your customers quantifiable information and build a relationship with them.

Don’t get caught in the trap of over-creating! For every piece of content you create you should spend 10x as much marketing it.


Takeaway #2: Break the barriers

If you want to learn how to get subscribers and fans, you have to remove the barriers between you and your audience. There’s more to it than just building an email list! Focus on engagement to build your fan base. First look to be what your others other would be and do for you then go from there.

Takeaway #3: Have conversations with real human beings

If you want to learn how to get subscribers, you have to focus on engagement. Remember that conversations equal cash, have conversations with real people! Get to know people, create real connections. Be sure to follow up on all the leads you are getting and make yourself seem valuable to them.

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how to get subscribers

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