How to Deliver Value When Your Not Seeing Results

How To Deliver Value When You’re Not Seeing Results

As featured in the podcast “Ask Kelly: How am I consistently adding value but not seeing results?” I discuss how to deliver value when your not seeing the results!

What do you do when your adding value but no one is biting?

How long do you keep going, what do you do, how do you figure out what’s not working and what changes you should make?

Here’s the constant struggle with entrepreneurs today: all of your markets are incredibly saturated because there’s no barrier to entry.

With their being no barrier to entry, it’s an incredible opportunity for each and every one of us to build our own businesses faster and to achieve more rapid growth.

I want to use an example of podcasting. I get a lot of questions very frequently from other podcasters about how to monetize their podcast without sponsors.

What I see over and over again with podcasters that are struggling to close clients consistently from their show is that there isn’t a strategic path that their bringing people down.

There not starting with the end in mind where episodes lead to a specific opt in point and are really strategically engineered to take people to the next step.

Many podcasters start a podcast to add value and to deliver content and to show up in the world consistently for their audience in a meaningful way.

That is what I want to emphasize, value is not enough in the competitive climate we live in.

Here are some strategies you can take to start seeing customer value and begin engaging the audience

  • Volume of Distribution
    • Distribution is by far the most important thing when it comes to getting results from your content
    • We put out three episodes a week of unstoppable success radio but we spend ten times that amount having our staff go out and send episodes individually to bring them in the community
    • Volume plays a critical role in the ability for any activity that you’re doing in your business to work to start seeing audience engagement
    • If your putting all of your energy into creating something in your business, bring it back full circle. Look at the start to finish cycle to see if there is enough people seeing this to am I consistent with what I am putting out to then the presentation and dynamic
  • The presentation and dynamic is important, it’s a never-ending game to succeed in business
  • Be strategically effective in getting people to take action
    • The podcast you create should directly align with your business to add customer value
    • Start getting strategic with how you take people from point A to B. That means getting people to listen to your business podcast, joining your email list, attending your live streams on Facebook and signed up for your product program course

It doesn’t just come with creating value – you need to figure out how to deliver value to start seeing results.

Start focusing on how to deliver value to your audience today!

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