How to Attract High-Quality Leads, Ready to Buy

Far too often I hear things like: 

  • I always attract people who don’t have the money to invest. 
  • I attract such needy clients, they are sucking the life from me. 
  • The people who want to sign up with me aren’t willing to do the work

The problem is in how you are positioning yourself – but, how to set yourself apart?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to attract high-quality leads:

Your Pricing Matters

It’s simple. The people you want to work with don’t want to waste their time on low-dollar, low-quality offers… so don’t offer them! They want to invest in getting RESULTS, bottom line.

High-quality investors are looking for accessibility, not a pre-fabricated, cookie-cutter method. People with dollars to spend want customization and the ability to skip the line — so, make sure your offers are easily adapted to meet high-level clients where they are!

Your Problem Solving Matters

The problems you solve will directly impact the type of leads you bring to the table. If you are solving beginner problems, you will bring in beginners. If you are solving advanced problems, you will bring in more advanced clients.  Your solution matters!

Your Content Matters

The content you put out into the world matters. If you are consistently talking about low-level things, you will consistently bring in a lower level of lead. The content you put out into the world is the storefront your potential clients are shopping from. You can’t charge Barney’s prices but have Walmart level content. Your content needs to be of interest to a high-level buyer!

Together, your pricing, problem-solving, and content will create the positioning, or your reputation in the market, which will either attract or repel the kinds of people you want to work with. 

If you aren’t attracting high-quality leads, it’s time to solve some bigger problems, raise your prices, and put out content a high-quality lead would want or need. You’ve got control of how the market perceives you, so now it’s time to get to work!