How to Attract Customers

How to Attract Customers

Are you a small business owner and are finding it hard to build a tribe of raving, loyal fans…who will actually buy from you? Are you struggling with knowing how to attract customers?

In this video, Kelly gives you tips on how to attract customers, how to build your platform and create a loyal and dedicated fan base.

Here’s the key: By building an online platform where you can show up weekly to provide over the value AND a place for your audience to interact with you directly, you begin to create a system that excites, qualifies and primes your target market to start asking you how you can help them. And, person by person, you begin to grow your business.

Follow these tips to begin the process of how to attract customers:

Build a relationship with people and get them dedicated to your brand

  • Engage with your audience: use social media (it’s simple and free) to create conversations with them — reply to their comments and send a thank you message, share things you think they’d be interested in and ask them questions about themselves. Be interested!


  • Thank your audience: show them you care and are appreciative that they are watching/engaging with your content — consider reading their comments and name out loud while you’re live, sharing a ‘review of the week’ from your content, do a live stream or extra post around a question someone asked and mention you think others can benefit from the answer. Lean into them, and they will lean into you.

Create a platform for your customers to engage with your brand

  • Find a main platform to execute well-delivered content on so your fans can stay engaged on a daily basis — Facebook is easy, LinkedIn is a great place for messaging campaigns…play around with your accounts and see where you are most comfortable and where your audience hands out most


  • Be consistent — create a weekly show that your fans can count on your to be there each and every week to deliver valuable content that will make a difference. This can be as simple as a 10 minute ‘Tip of the Week’ as a Facebook Live that you deliver on the same day each week at the same time

Put yourself out there

  • Don’t be afraid to put your information and content out there — you will be surprised at the amount of support and excitement you receive from your current audience…and it will help you build and grow your audience. You got into business to help others and serve them — so do it!

Go above and beyond

  • Exceed your audience’s expectations with the amount of value you deliver. Show them you are a credible source of information and provide them with content that gives them results

You can use these strategies and learn how to attract customers so you can focus more on delivering valuable content instead of spending time on ineffective tasks that don’t put money in the bank.

By putting yourself out there and delivering content on a daily basis that goes above and beyond the expectations, you are not only impacting your business but your audience as well.

Once you know how to attract customers using your platform, it’s a rinse and repeat system to bring in new leads and close new clients on a weekly basis!

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How to Attract Customers


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