Five Things That Hold Entrepreneurs Back

Five Things That Hold Entrepreneurs Back

What are those big goals and dreams you want to achieve?

Nice car, big house, six or seven figure business?

I get it, we all want to have those things.

But what could be holding you back from obtaining those goals?

When you consider the five things that hold entrepreneurs back, it comes down to one of these not being innovated upon

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Resources
  4. Team
  5. Knowledge

Ask yourself “Which one of these things haven’t I innovated upon in my business?”

  • As far as sales, are you getting interns to do sales for you?
  • If it’s people, how are you getting someone on board on your own team to keep your pipeline full?
  • What are you doing to get resources in your business?
  • If it’s time, how are you finding money to pay to leverage someone else’s?

I see small business owners making these types of choices every day in their business and not implementing a decision making process.

These types of decisions can be avoided if you begin to not get urgent about a decision that you make a bad one.

Maybe it starts with you offering business internships, creating a team within your business or bordering for resources

Just by doing this, you can start unleashing those goals that have been set back on the burner and into your life!


Ask yourself which of the five things that hold entrepreneurs back applies to you and start adjusting today!

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