Finding The Gap for Maximum Profitability in During a Recession

The economy is changing minute-by-minute.

Your competition is retreating. 

Your market is looking for leadership. 

Your people are looking for leadership from someone. 

That someone should be YOU! 

Right now, as entrepreneurs, we have the ability to do one of two things – retreat and contribute to the collapse of the economy, or lean in and be part of the recovery process. 

Finding The Gap

There is always a meaningful and gaping hole in what your competitors are doing and where the gap in your industry lies. In most spaces, that gap is human connection, accountability, and a high level of service. Far too often, people in your space,  don’t fulfill their promise, don’t make themselves accessible, don’t provide the support needed, and don’t follow through to help with implementation. This leaves clients with more questions and a growing level of frustration!

Finding your gap and delivering what is needed to close the gap, is how you will grow in the current economy. 

Your Gap

There is a gap in every industry. In order to determine what the gap is in your industry, you need to start listening to your market. 

  • What’s the thing that all the consumers in your space are frustrated about? 
  • What’s the thing that’s holding people back from getting REAL results? 
  • What is missing from most offers that would create better outcomes for clients?
  • What do the most successful people in your market have in place, but no one seems to be talking about?

These questions will lead you in the direction of your industry’s gap. Once you see it, it’s time to make a plan and fill it!

Dial in on your offer.

Once you’ve found your gap, consider the unique way you can serve your clients. This will likely mean moving away from what everyone else is doing in your industry – which is a sign you are on the right path. A gap means no one is meeting the need you are about to meet. So, your offer should look different from everyone else’s. I always say you should zig when everyone else zags.  

Instead of designing your offer around your preferences, listen to your market and find the intersection of your expertise and what they need. Then get the people and structure in place.

For us, we realized that the entire online coaching world was doing one of two things: courses that were outdated and automated, that got 2% of people results or high-level masterminds that were really nothing more than just a great photo-op for Instagram. There was no one teaching the actual business skills necessary to grow a company, and no one offering the support and accountability entrepreneurs needed to actually get results! So, we created the first and ONLY business incubator that is a comprehensive, A to Z program, based on accountability. Since creating The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, and filling that gap, our program has grown to hundreds of clients (and millions of dollars). And, they are all finally getting results.

Once we filled the gap, the clients were there and ready.

Because the gap is unchartered territory, it can be scary at times to be the first to step into it. However, NOW IS THE TIME. Set yourself apart in a way that will truly place you into a category of one, by doing what others in your industry are unwilling to do.

Once you do that, your growth will go from incremental to exponential – and your bottom line will follow.

To learn more about how to discover the gap in your industry and market your offer to the gap, we’d love to chat with you about The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program. To book a consult, message Cynthia and she will get you set up!