Discover The “5-Step Scaling Method” I used to scale my
Service Based Business From 7 To 8 Figures in just 12-Months,
All while Stepping Away From The Day-To-Day Operations.

You’ve done all the jobs, worn all the hats, and willed this company to success. You understand business, aren’t afraid to do the work, and know-how to make things happen.

But you are tired. So much of your business relies on you. You carry an insane mental load trying to be all the things your company needs you to be.

And, while your business looks good on paper, you are far from someone who takes home 7-figures. Your profitability leaves a lot to be desired, and you are still relatively chained to the day to day of your business.

In fact, you can scale your business from 7 to 8-figures and beyond while increasing your profitability so you can reclaim your life and finally ENJOY the fruits of your labor.

The difference in LIFESTYLE and quality of life as a seven-figure EARNER vs. 7 figures in REVENUE is QUANTUM….

you will need systems, a profitable team, and the next level leadership skills required to quantum leap towards your next level of success.

What would it feel like to actually TAKE HOME multiple millions of dollars each year, not just look at a massive number on your P & L?

to not be needed in every part of your business every day?

What would it mean to your company if top publications and news outlets were coming to you for features and news segments?

What would it look like for you to step into the next evolution of your business as a true leader, not as a producer?

Maybe 5 or 10 years from now….

Cashing in on your business.  Selling it for multiple millions ABOVE its annualized revenue, and spending your time on philanthropy, with family, or on your newest passion project.




Fully retiring in your 40s or 50s, while your business continues to grow and pay you millions a year, while you are out enjoying life, focused on whatever new project lights your soul on fire.

Both of these scenarios will require you to have rock-solid systems and leadership in place. You will need to keep your future goals in mind as you scale.

How you grow WILL determine the options you have in the future.

Which is why I created my exclusive mastermind, Legacy Leaders, to help entrepreneurs like you take their hustle, vision, and skillset to levels even the most successful only dream of…

The RIGHT way.

I want you to be able to put MORE money in your pocket, the kind of money that builds generational wealth and changes communities. And I want you to be able to do that without working longer or harder.

This group is entirely different from anything you’ve ever experienced in the coaching world.

So much of what you find in today’s mastermind world is fluff-filled shiny object syndrome in disguise.

There are lots of celebrity photo ops, but little guidance, support, or strategy around scaling your million-dollar company into a 9-figure empire.

There’s tactical chatter, funnel optimizations and algorithm hacks, but no discussion on building out the required systems and most importantly team leadership REQUIRED for sustainable scalability.

There’s a ton of discussion around building your laptop lifestyle, with no real strategy behind building out a team that is truly profitable, fully bought in, and able to run and GROW your business without you.

At the end of the day, there’s a whole lot of basic conversation happening with very little meat to sink your teeth into.

Why Legacy Leaders:

  • It’s time to start having real conversations, with brilliant minds about what’s actually required to scale.
  • It’s time to leave the shallowness behind and truly dig into next level leadership.
  • It’s time to take your million dollar company and turn it into a TIMELESS EMPIRE that solidifies your legacy.

Inside this community you will learn how to:

  • Consistently host 6 and 7 figure launches, run almost entirely by your teams
  • Hire, train, and onboard A-level talent
  • Build out a sales team that make sales every day
  • Get featured on top publications, in national news, and on top-rated podcasts
  • Build strategic partnerships that add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your annual revenue
  • Plan for growth, down seasons, and future team needs
  • Build out product suites that diversify revenue without taking more of your time and energy

are made up of some of the most exceptional humans on the planet. In fact, we are fiercely protective of this magical, secret community of entrepreneurial unicorns. Each member of this program operates their business with the highest level of integrity. They come to the table with a wide range of experiences and perspectives to help you synthesize what’s working.

Unlike most masterminds that are completely homogeneous, this group is made up of:

  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Business Coaches
  • Studio Owners
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Agency Owners
  • Tech Company CEOs
  • Medical Weight Loss Doctors
  • Brick and mortar product businesses
  • Sales Trainers
  • Mindset Coaches
  • Luxury travel agents and event planners
  • HR consultants
  • Manifestation Coaches

…from all over the world, all walks of life, and all kinds of unique areas of expertise.

As a member of Legacy Leaders you get the very best business education programs that both you and your team can use in all seasons of business growth. Our member-site alone is equivalent to getting your MBA in real world entrepreneurship. We cover everything including how to:

  • Implement the most effective ways to onboard, train, and elevate your team
  • Set up repeatable sales systems that do NOT rely on you
  • Build a diversified product suite that insulates you from risk
  • Land high profile PR and collaborations
  • Create a global brand that has a consistent stream of opportunities coming your way
  • Increase the LTV of your clients, improve renewal rates, and leverage upsells
  • Begin looking at your business through the lens of EBITA so you can sell for high multiples if you choose to
  • Leverage your zone of genius as a leader, and find other leaders to help you steer the ship and hold the vision for your company
  • Find new blue oceans so you can truly become a category of one in your industry
  • Learn how to maximize ROI on employees in a variety of roles
  • Create a company culture that attracts the highest performers

Have the kinds of conversations that cause you to think far bigger, move towards your goals more efficiently, and become the disruptor your industry needs.

This community is NOT for you if:

  • You are new in business, still working on sales and marketing strategies to grow.
  • You aren’t looking to scale your business by quantum leaps.
  • You don’t want to contribute new ideas, find new collaborators, or break out of your industry’s box.
  • You aren’t willing to do the work required to lead at the next level. Much of what we do is an inside job and will require you to become the next version of yourself.

This mastermind is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Are making at least 1 million in revenue per year in their business
  • Committed to contributing new ideas, what’s working for them, and new things they are learning
  • Understand that entrepreneurship is part of their calling and want to build their business in a way that is sustainable and legitimate.
  • CEOs willing to build out a team that can get the job done
  • Entrepreneurs who want to do more than just make money. They want to build a legacy, carve out new lanes in their industry, and disrupt the status quo.

"Legacy Leaders is the group I wish I had when

scaling to 8-figures."

Prior to starting my business online, I had an incredibly successful corporate career. Starting at the very bottom, I worked my way to SVP of a Fortune 500. During my career, I led hundreds of people, and was responsible for the business development of 17 different locations. I knew how to rapidly scale a company, how to turn a failing company around, and how to get results in the worst economies.


I struggled when I started in the online world.

Despite my extensive and highly successful career, the online world seemed to operate without some really important timeless business principles.

After attempting to do things the way all of the gurus taught me to do them (with no real progress), I decided to go back to my roots, and build the way every billion-dollar company on the planet built their companies.

I loved the access the online world gave me, but knew that the only way to truly grow something that would last was to go back to my real-world business roots. So, that’s what I did.

I created the Live Launch Method, taught people sales and team building, and took my company from high 6-figures to 8-figures in less than 2 years.

I said goodbye to the rest of the flashy trends, and focused on proven strategy. I leveraged the tactics of the day, but laid a firm foundation.

I made LOTS of mistakes along the way and often wished there was a community of entrepreneurs that truly understood and could join me on the journey. But, instead of real business conversations, I was met with lots of mindset, motivation, and celebrity photo opp groups that left me feeling incredibly disappointed.

where real-world entrepreneurs come together to mastermind, strategize, collaborate and grow together leveraging both real-world business strategy and the incredible tools we have in today’s online world.

Today, we have helped countless 7-figure CEOs double, triple, and even quadruple their annual revenue without decreasing profitability. We have helped clients go from 7-8-figures and are taking a bunch of clients with us on the way to 9-figures.

In addition to the corporate success I mentioned above, over the last 8 years, I not only built an 8-figure company, but I have written 3 best-selling books, built a Top 10 marketing podcast from scratch, and have been featured on news outlets across the U.S and Canada and in top publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Inc.

I am not only the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, but the co-founder of three other companies. Two years ago, I started my own charitable organization, The Human Family Foundation, through which we do all of our charitable giving.

I have coached clients from hundreds of industries and helped them go from 6 to 7 and now 8-figures in revenue, with millions in profits, while taking month-long vacations, buying dream homes, and enjoying the freedom they worked so hard for.


You will get access to our member site that includes a unique blend of sales, marketing, systems, and leadership education. We will walk you through:

  • The Live Launch Method and our proprietary social selling system
  • Team building using the 4x model so your team increases your profitability
  • Our PR and Visibility System to land high profile features on news, podcasts, and major publications
  • Recruiting strategies and job descriptions for the 5 main areas every CEO needs to hire for
  • Onboarding, training, retaining and elevating high performing employees
  • Building out your retention, referral, and upselling systems
  • Creating highly converting content without being on social media 24/7
  • Effective staff management and growth strategies
  • Legal, accounting, and HR considerations as you scale
  • Productivity and profitability management with your team
  • Building a sellable business from the start, even if you never plan to sell
  • Creating ascension programs to increase the LTV of every client
  • Building out a product suite that gives you both focus and flexibility
  • Financial projections, commission structures, budgeting, and all things finance

You will get weekly hot seat calls with me, and the executive members of my team where you will:

  • Take part in high level, strategic trainings
  • Get coaching on the most important, relevant issues in your business
  • Connect with and collaborate with a network of incredible entrepreneurs across a variety of industries

Your team will get access to:

  • Live specialized trainings in sales, marketing, leadership, and program delivery
  • My team of experts, doing all of the things daily. Training from the trenches.
  • Our membership site for The Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Program, Legacy Builders, and Legacy Leaders

Additionally, we will have guest experts come in to share strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

As a Leader you will get access to three, 2-day IN PERSON intensives where you will:

  • Build strategic partnerships
  • Hear from high level experts
  • Get hot seat expert coaching
  • Take part in specialized training
  • Regain the vision required to lead your company into its next level of business.

These two-day intensives are what most clients say are worth the entire cost of the mastermind. We choose luxurious destinations, cultivate an exquisite experience, and help you (and your team) make quantum leaps over the span of just 2 days.

In the past, we have gone to the Ritz Carlton in Colorado, the coast of California in La Jolla, The beachfront party in Miami, and the heartbeat of the south, in Nashville. In December of 2021, we will be enjoying 3 days together at the Seagate Resort in Delray, Florida.

Crystal clear blue beach water, golf, shopping, restaurants, and the perfect sunny escape in the middle of winter.

These intensives will dramatically change the way you lead, grow, and show up in your business and they are responsible for our clients making major leaps in revenue, pivots in direct, and movement toward their goals.

Click the button below & learn more about the most exclusive mastermind for 7-figure founders today!

This mastermind is application only and we are highly selective. We have an incredible community of entrepreneurs who are:

  • Zero drama
  • Highly collaborative
  • Incredibly driven
  • Innovative and disruptive
  • Making a major mark on the world by transforming people daily
  • If you are ready to leave behind the basic conversations you’ll find in most masterminds…
  • If you are ready to STOP being the smartest person in the room…
  • If you are ready to find a community of peers vs. being the one everyone comes to for advice and coaching
  • If you are ready to shake things up, disrupt, and turn up the heat on your business growth…

I Invite You To Apply Today!

If you are looking for a community willing to have the conversations no one else is having,
then I will see you inside!