8 Strategies for Reducing Time spent on Email

8 Strategies for Reducing Time Spent on Email

As featured in the podcast episode “Ask Kelly: How Do I Cut Down on Email Overload?” I discuss 8 strategies for reducing time spent on email in your business

I know that most of you might be thinking “I do business via email, that’s how I run my business!”

But the question I have to ask you is “Are you generating the amount of new business that you want each month?”

You may be doing business via email but you might not be generating the number of clients you want each month because of the time your spending doing business on email

Email overload not only impacts your productivity, it forces you to spend more time on something than we should

Today I’m going to give you 8 strategies to reduce time spent on email in your business to potentially cut the time your spending on email while increasing growth and profit in your business.

  1. Don’t email things that actually should be spoken
    • Instead of typing up a book via email and taking more time with responding back and forth to emails in an ineffective tone, you can do this in a better way!
    • You can use the audio function on your phone to conduct a voice memo to convey the tone that you want so that it comes across clearer
  2. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe to all of the extra noise that’s coming through your inbox every single day
    • Unsubscribe from those things that are no longer serving you, aren’t engaging or you’re not buying from anymore
  3. Focus on redirection
    • Productivity has been a huge challenge for entrepreneurs since the start
    • What I find is that most of the clients that have the biggest success in my programs always start with managing their time to increase productivity
    • Those are always the people that make the biggest leaps in their profit and income quickly
  4. Not participating in extensive email chains
    • As soon as you see your email chain going back and forth more than once, the best thing to do is pick up the phone.
  5. Change the subject line of your emails
    • In doing this, you can file things appropriately and be strategic about what you need to access again
  6. Don’t respond to things that don’t require a response
    • It sounds silly, but its true!
    • A lot of times when responding, we’re only adding more email to the sequence than necessary
    • Ask yourself “Do I need to respond or should I not?”
  7. Be proactive in having team conversations at least once a week
    • Not only does this eliminate emails going back and forth, it allows you to run through updates, topics and things that need to be discussed
    • It saves more time and energy too!
    • Look at using a tool and have at least one productive team meeting over the phone to increase productivity
    • One of the productivity tools that I recommend is Basecamp.
  8. One touch resolution
    • Really challenge yourself if you’re going to open and email, respond to it in a moment, follow up, delete it, or file it.
    • One of the biggest problems that sucks people into email overload is that they don’t resolve it in a moment to increase productivity.

Use these 8 strategies for reducing time spent on email today!

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