5 Places Entrepreneurs Try To Save But Ends Up Costing Them

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Are you running in circles trying to save money in your business…. And overwhelming yourself in the process? There are 5 main areas entrepreneurs try to save money and end up costing themselves even more in the long term. This episode will cover the top 5 areas entrepreneurs find themselves worrying about, avoiding, or making short-term decisions about that affect them later.

“Are you expecting the results without making the investment?” — Kelly Roach

Episode 107

Maintaining and investing in these parts of your business will not only help you to grow your business, but to also grow your audience, your confidence, and your overall quality of life. Tackling and addressing these 5 areas head on will help you to create a healthier and more beneficial mindset!


You will learn:

-how to evaluate your own thinking strategies in your career

-the type of people you should be surrounding both yourself and your business with

-What areas of your business you can invest in to ultimately catapult you on your way to success


Are you currently struggling in any of the top 5 areas?

Consider the long-term consequences of avoiding investment in your business growth. Is there a place for improvement for you?


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