Unstoppable Entrepreneur Success Stories with Katie Sartino

Unstoppable ENTREPRENEUR Success Stories

In this post, you’ll learn about the first video in the YouTube Series: Unstoppable Entrepreneur Success Stories. Today we have Katie Sartino!

Katie Sartino talks about how the unstoppable entrepreneur helped her and her business.

Her business, “Once Upon a Dream Performances” specializes in superhero and princess replica characters.

Katie joined the unstoppable entrepreneur because she knew she had to start making a change within her business.

“You have to know your why and it has to be strong enough to embrace that change”- Katie Sartino

Katie who was following Kelly Roach for six months took advantage of the free content that Kelly provided!

From podcasts to emails, Katie thought the information she was gathering was “stellar and realistic”.

By taking advantage of the talks, live videos and book, she knew the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program was the right choice her business!

Katie started to believe in herself more to charge what she’s worth, she made a huge mindset shift by joining the program.

Charging what she’s worth allowed her to not only get better clients but grow a sustainable business, create a legacy and offer high quality services to her clients!

Just by changing her prices she started to see more business and a doubling in her sales!

Her advice for entrepreneurs hitting a fork in the road in their business is to

  • Stop struggling and ask for help. Take the leap and put the money down
  • There’s no reason to struggle with today’s technology and support out there!

For her, being unstoppable means knowing your purpose because its bigger than all of your fears!

Learn more about Katie’s Unstoppable Entrepreneur success story!


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Unstoppable ENTREPRENEUR Success Stories





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