WELCOME to the ONLY Online Business Education you’ll ever need to SOAR to the top of your industry and become a category of one.


*includes comprehensive training on the Live Launch Method!

Do any of
these sound
like you?

    several tough years trying to build their business
    online & you can’t quite put the pieces together
    struggling to use digital marketing to grow
  • HIGH-POWERED EXECUTIVE who is ready to step
    out on their own and is willing to invest to “skip
    the line” while growing at lightning speed
  • TRUE CONSUMMATE EXPERT in your field with
    an extraordinary service or program that you’re ready
    to scale


Marketing, sales, and social media has been
the linchpin holding you back
from exponentially growing your business.

  • You’re ready to scale and add a 6 or
    7-figure revenue stream to your
    business in the next 12 months.
  • You’re not getting the support you
    need with other courses, coaches,
    and masterminds. When you invest,
    you feel like a credit card number
    instead of a valued partner. Once you’ve
    paid, they leave you with videos,
    worksheets and a sense that you’re still
    “on your own.”
  • You know you’re here to build an
    empire with clients that work with you
    for life, and you know – in your gut –
    that traditional “launch” strategies will
    never build a real, sustainable business.

You know you haven’t hit your highest potential
but it feels as though it’s right around the corner.


“Using the Live Launch, we did over $300,000 in sales our first launch. In our most recent launch, we brought in $377,000.”*

– Michelle Bosch

(Orbit Investments LLC)

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur is the
World’s #1 Online Business Education.

Until now, it’s been extremely difficult to grow a service-based business online. Most online trainings are designed for course creators, bloggers, and freelancers — not for scaling your services to multi-million dollar success. But as things shift in the economy, learning to scale online is no longer a luxury, but your only option.

Want to add zeros to your revenue every month like clockwork
– without the burnout?

Here’s What You Really Need
(and NO ONE is Teaching You)
to Scale Your Service-Based Business.

  • You need the right go-to-market strategythat’s simple AND scalable, so you can step into
    your role as the visionary leader of your company and stop wasting your energy on a million disjointed tactics.
  • You need large injections of cash as you prepare to scale your organization. This requires enrolling tens or hundreds of clients NOW. You’ll never get there closing clients one at a time. That’s why we created the Live Launch Method — to give you the first big push you need, so you can then circle back to advancing yourself through the four stages of business growth.
  • You need weekly access to expert strategists in every area of branding, marketing, and sales to guide you as you grow — providing tailored, personalized advice and answers to all your questions, so you never stay stuck. With UE, you get a virtual advisory board of experts who are available to you at every step of your growth journey.
  • You need 360° support and accountability where you can talk to a human when you need guidance, motivation, support, and direction. We’re different from every other program out there because the foundation of our program is world-class accountability to get you to the finish line. This is even more critical as businesses pivot for profit in a rapidly changing market.

You get it ALL in the
Unstoppable Entrepreneur Program.

Meet Kelly Roach,
Our Founder & CEO.

Kelly Roach is known as THE MILLIONAIRE MAKER, the undisputed authority in mentoring entrepreneurs to scale online.

She is the creator of the Live Launch Method; a simplicity meets strategy approach to making millions online through launches that consistently generate 6-figure results.

Kelly is...

  • Creator & advisor to dozens of multi-million dollar businesses
  • A featured expert on ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW
  • A sought-after guest contributor to the world’s leading
  • An 11-time international best-selling author
  • The host of the top 20 Marketing podcast, The Unstoppable
    Entrepreneur Show

Kelly is committed to ongoing philanthropic work through the UE-funded Human Family Foundation, where UE’s 1:1 giving model enables the building of fully funded wells in Malawi. Your investment in UE directly impacts the availability of clean drinking water to one of the most densely populated, yet underdeveloped countries in Africa.

Kelly is also the co-founder of Give Her Courage, a movement to instill courage and confidence in the girls of our future from the start.

The one thing that repeatedly crushes
otherwise strong businesses is the online
learning curve.

We’re putting the power back into YOUR hands, so you can graduate from copy-cat strategies to breakthrough one-of-a-kind thought leadership and scale from 6 to 7 to 8 figures with simplicity.

Your transformational work is needed by tens of thousands
of people out there.

Let’s skyrocket your profits and impact, so you can stop drowning in the details of running an online business – and instead, assume or retain your position as the MARKET LEADER OF YOUR INDUSTRY.

We’re taking the overwhelm out of business growth,
so you can fully step into the role of CEO and be UNSTOPPABLE.

You can scale to unimaginable heights and experience the entrepreneurial freedom & financial rewards you need to bring your legacy forward.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur program will help you put the right strategy, systems, and team in place to accomplish the slam-dunk, home-run, multi-million dollar success you know is possible for you.


Our Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Are
Creating Incredible Results Every Day...

“I closed 72 sales in my first launch, resulting $200,000 in sales.”

– Ruby Nguyen

Ruby Nguyen

“I’ve made 7-figures in the first 7 months in UE.”

– Melissa Ricker

Funnel Boss Academy

“I went from an idea to a 6-Figure business in 7 months!”

– Maureen Mwangi

Startward Consulting

I made over $122,000 in my first launch! “

– Stephanie Clairmont

The Leveraged Practice

The Ultimate, All-in-One
Online Business Education
Where Service-based Business Owners
Step into Visionary Leadership
and Master the Online World.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur is designed
to take your revenues to multi-million dollar status — FAST.

With a business strategist, accountability advisor, and team of master coaches in your corner, you’ll be able to…

Make Sales Inside and Outside of Launch
“Sales is the lifeline of your business. You need to be able to both launch and sell outside of launches, and then pass that sales system on to a highly capable team. Our sales section is comprehensive, so you can see sales coming in every day.

Create High Converting Content
Learn how to build an iconic brand with our A to Z content creation system, so you can stand out online and become the only choice in the mind of your ideal client.

Scale Your High-Ticket Offers
We will help you build your flagship and your mix of business so you can scale sustainably. UE includes everything you need to know about putting together your high-ticket group AND 1:1 offers.

Build Your Dream Team
You can’t enjoy entrepreneurial freedom without a team. We’ll walk you through getting your front of house and back of house team fully in place, so you can graduate from super-employee to multi-million dollar CEO.

Engineer Your Celebrity
We offer high level PR and visibility training to help you get in front of the right type of audiences and position yourself as the go-to authority in your niche.

The springboard to your next
7-Figure Revenue Stream.

Think of it as your springboard to create that 6 or 7-figure leap that’s been eluding you for years. It’s an effective way to go from selling one-on-one to one-to-many.

But we don’t just teach you one way of implementing the Live Launch Method… We help you dial in the perfect format for your lifestyle, your business, and your audience — and then offer high-level support on every detail of planning, executing, and rapidly multiplying your results.

What it looks like to be UNSTOPPABLE

“I had 2 6-figure launches and made more money in my first 3 months of
the program than all of 2019.”

– Kimberley Olsen
Goal Digger Girl

What you get inside
the Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Accountability Advisor

You will be assigned a 1:1 Accountability Advisor who will check in with you twice a week. Your advisor is there to hold you accountable, concierge you through the program, and escalate your questions to strategists as needed.

Business Strategist

Work 1-on-1 with your Accountability Advisor every month to create step-by-step plans for working through the program and achieving your KPI’s. Reach out to your advisor for support whenever you need it.

Master Coaches

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur team includes a Master Coach for each of the core systems taught in the program: sales, content conversion, high-ticket offers, team, and PR. These Master Coaches will provide you with targeted feedback and advice based on your goals and your next steps.”

Weekly Cohort Call

You will be placed in a cohort of around 50 members, with one office hours call at the same time each week. Your business strategist and UE Master Coaches will rotate through your office hours, so you have weekly access to high-level strategic direction in a hot-seat, spot-coaching format.

Weekly Program Call

Team Unstoppable hosts one weekly program wide call for hotseats, specialized trainings, info sessions, co-working sessions, and announcements. This call is on Tuesdays and all recordings will be housed in the member site.

Team Access

UE is here to transform you from super-employee to CEO. Your membership in UE includes access for one member of your team, so you can focus on turning the ideas in your head into multi-million dollar plans, strategies, and cash in the bank.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur
Membership Site Includes:

The 5 Core Systems

There are 5 critical systems required to springboard your business from 6 to 7 (and then to 8) figures. The Unstoppable Entrepreneur program is streamlined to focus solely on these 5 systems, and you can find extensive trainings and resources for each system inside our membership site.

  • Sales: Everything you need to know about creating a repeatable volume sales system that your team or future team can execute. We’ll teach you how to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcasts to build out your 7-figure ecosystem.
  • Content Conversion: You’ll learn how to create highly converting content and build an iconic brand with our A to Z content creation system.
  • Your Scalable, High-ticket Offer: Everything you need to know about putting together your high-ticket group AND 1:1 offers, so you can scale sustainably.
  • Building and Maintaining Your Dream Team: We will walk you through getting your front of house and back of house infrastructure fully in place, so you can lead an all in dream team.
  • Celebrity PR and Positioning: We will teach yo how to engineer your celebrity, get in front of the right type of audiences, and position yourself as the go-to authority in your niche.

Our Executive Team

Stephanie Euler

VP of Sales

Stephanie is our VP of Sales & Marketing and has been an early-adopter of every emerging marketing strategy in the online space. She will help you master every cutting-edge digital marketing strategy with her time-tested mastery, driving the lead generation and brand strategy that has allowed the company to skyrocket its growth and sales.

Danielle Cevallos

VP of Marketing

Danielle is responsible for bringing the Unstoppable brand to life, as the leader of our marketing team. A trained copywriter, Danielle also leads our weekly copy call, helping clients nail their message and solidify their legacy through content and copy that converts like crazy!

Nicole Cattan

Accountability Director

Nicole has grown the Kelly Roach Coaching empire from seedling to multi-7-figure empire. She’ll help you build the back-end infrastructure you need to become a multi-million dollar organization.

Khairy Varre

Accountability Director

Khairy coaches our clients through the mindset shifts and productivity hacks required to do more better, for maximum results. In addition to being a pod leader, she hosts a weekly call for our clients helping them leverage their times and step into next level thinking

Meet the rest of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Leadership Team

Each member of our team brings their personal expertise & background to the table to help you win.

Michael Sanchez

Marketing Pod Leader

Sherane Chen

Marketing Pod Leader

Mandy Minitello

Accountability Pod Leader

Amber Morgan

Accountability Pod Leader

Chelsea Bazzel

Accountability Pod Leader

Kaylan Wetzel

Accountability Sales Lead

Theresa Garner Wilson

Accountability Sales Lead

Alaina Horbas

Accountability Pod Leader

What We Stand For:

  • A hands-on, results-based approach that works WITH you to implement the strategies you need next
  • Long term sustainable business growth, NOT the ‘tactic of the day’
  • ​Long range visions that put the disjointed pieces together into a workable system
  • ​Timeless principles that give you back your time and sanity while helping you achieve big leaps
  • ​A 360° support system to guide you through the strategy, mindset, and implementation that creates an Unstoppable Entrepreneur
  • Giving back to our community through our non-profit Human Family Foundation where we bring clean drinking water to those who do not have access

Get Started NOW

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Payments of $2,500

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of $27,000

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The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Works.
Here’s the Proof:

“We did 65,000 the month before we joined UE, and we are at $124,000 and counting in our first month as members!”*

– Jessica Rhodes & Margy Feldhun

Interview Connections

“I was able to make over $150,000 in
90 days following Kelly’s methods.”*

– Kendall Summerhawk

Money Breakthrough Business Coaching

“We have already doubled our sales
and are on pace to double again.”*

– Angela Tran

Med Fit

“I created $51,000 of recurring revenue
in my first launch! On my second launch,
I did $18,000 in revenue with a small
but nurtured audience!”*

– Koni Scavella

Author, Speaker, Advisor

Here’s everything
you get inside the
Unstoppable Entrepreneur:

  • Accountability Advisor to hold you accountable and concierge you through the program.
  • Business Strategist to provide high-level strategic direction for your business.
  • Master Coaches to provide targeted feedback and advice based on your goals and your next steps.
  • Weekly Program Call for hotseats, specialized trainings, info sessions, co-working sessions, and announcements.
  • Weekly Cohort Call with hot-seat style coaching from your business strategist and the UE Master Coaches.
  • Access for one team member so you can focus on being a visionary CEO.
  • The Member Site with trainings and resources on the 5 core systems you need in place to springboard your business from six to seven figures.
  • Private Community of hundreds of consummate experts in their field ready to connect and collaborate.

“I closed over $100,000 on my first launch. This represented a 44% increase over the webinars I used to do!”*

– GiNienne Samuels

GS Consulting & Communications

“I wanted to work less and earn a lot more. I joined UE in my first month in business and without ever doing a live launch, I’ve made nearly $150,000 in 9 months and am tracking to do multiple-six figures this year.”*

– Julie Cabezas

Copy Crimes

“With the Live Launch Method, I generated $38,000 in revenue for my business and actually had fun with the launch process!”*

– Iva Paleckova

Iva Paleckova

Let’s take a look at your options

Scenario #1

You keep trying to put the pieces together on your own, buying dozens of programs from different "experts" that don't work together.


Scenario #2

You join the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program where service-based business owners learn to build, scale, and sustain multi-million dollar empires - with everything you need in once place to win.

Still on the fence?

I created $51,000 of recurring revenue
in my first launch! On my second launch,
I did $18,000 in revenue with a small
but nurtured audience!

– Koni Scavella

Author, Speaker, Advisor

One More Thing...

Building a service-based business is hard enough. You don’t have to do this alone. Our entire team & expanding community is here to wrap our arms around you – welcome you into our family – and run with you, arm in arm, all the way to your goals.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Questions? Ask Away

Q: What does UE cost?

We offer a payment plan of $2,500/month for 12 months, or you can pay in full up front and save 10% at $27,000.

Q: What’s included?

UE includes twice weekly touchpoints with your personal Accountability Advisor, weekly group coaching with your Business Strategist and Master Coaches, a weekly program-wide call, our comprehensive membership site, and access to our thriving community of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs.

Q: Who is this program for?

This program is for ambitious CEO’s who want to build long-term, sustainable service-based businesses and skyrocket their revenues to multi-million dollar status.

Q: Is this a good program for brick and mortar businesses?

If you’re a service-based business, this program is for you. Brick and mortar businesses thrive in UE.

Q: I’m looking at different options– What makes this program different?

Unstoppable Entrepreneur is built on a foundation of results and accountability. When the team assessed the market, the gap was clear. Courses & masterminds don’t take you to the finish line. They don’t help you overcome obstacles. They don’t offer 360° accountability and support. We offer all of that and take it to the extremes. With our Accountability program, our all-access panel of niche experts, and our 300+ trainings, you have everything you need to succeed. And we do mean everything.

Q: Will I get feedback on my progress during the program?

You will get every single bit of feedback you need during the program. From your personalized Accountability Advisor to your group Business Strategist to our UE Master Coaches, you’ll be flush with feedback.

Q: Is UE just for beginners?

UE is the place to add 6 and 7-figure revenue streams to your service-based business. If your revenues can’t grow any more, then UE is not for you. But if you have dreams of growing your business to new heights, UE will take you there.

Q: I’m uncomfortable with sales– will these sales techniques make me look desperate?

Sales is a science and an art. Social selling, even more so. We hear from all types of clients that they feel uncomfortable with selling on social media. So our trainings cover this extensively. Now, we hear from those same people that they are closing sales faster and with more ease than ever before. Sales is an absolute core skill of entrepreneurship, and we’re here to help you master it.

Q: How long will it take to get through the program?

We have Unstoppable Entrepreneurs that have been with us for years. There’s no way to get through all the program training, even in a single year. That’s why we’ve designed it to cherry-pick what you need first. And if you’re not sure what that is, our accountability team will help you organize a growth plan specifically for you and your business. Stay with us for a year or multiple. We’re here to get you all the way to your multi-million dollar goals as fast as possible.

Q: Will this program eliminate the need for other coaches?

Yes. Our program is designed to be an all-in-one strategic advisory, training, and mentorship experience

Q: Will this work for me if I struggle with tech?

Part of UE is learning to delegate. We show you how to build a team, so you can stay out of the weeds. It all begins with low-tech social selling strategies, which will provide the cash you need to hire out the skills and roles you need, including hiring a virtual assistant, who can handle the tech for you at an affordable rate.

Q: I’m so busy, can I delegate this to someone else?

As the visionary leader of your organization, you need to be the one driving the decisions in your business, and that requires a strong understanding of sales, marketing, and PR. UE is here to transform you from super-employee to CEO. If you’re too busy, that tells us you’re ready for more support – a team to delegate to, so you can take the ideas in your head and turn them into multi-million dollar plans, strategies, and cash in the bank. UE is designed to get you there

As Unstoppable Entrepreneur, LLC influencers testimonial providers have the ability to earn from qualifying purchases. The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website and social media are applicable to the individuals depicted. Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are representative of client experience but the exact results and experiences will be unique and individual to each client based upon their own efforts and actions within the program.