Hit $15K in revenue, month after month.

Fast track your path to consistent 5-figure months with our step-by-step sprint:

For anyone who wants to:

  • Price, package + position your offer. 
  • Get clarity on your niche
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Systemize and scale your sales 
  • Create a retention plan: renewals, referrals, and upsells
  • Make your first hire

How it works: 

  • Weekly trainings + assignments  (in a  group-coaching or co-working  format)
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Support in our Slack channel
  • Monthly 1:1 calls
  • A two-day, in-person event

Ready to train for your business like an athlete trains for their sport?

Is Sprint for me?


✅ You already have a few clients, but am looking to grow even faster

✅ You have a course or program but want to reposition and sell high-ticket

✅ You have years of experience, but need help packaging your expertise into a premium-priced offer that sells on-demand

✅ You’ve hit a wall scaling your business

Yes – this is for you!

Join Us for a Two-Day Workshop with
Kelly Roach Coaching's CMO

Danielle Cevallos

Are you running a side hustle? Starting to make money? Feeling like you have more to give? Ready to take the next step? This two-day workshop is what you need to get clear alignment on your path to scaling and success. Kelly Roach Coaching’s CMO Danielle Cevallos is hosting a two-day workshop where she’ll guide you in zeroing in on your strategy, give you insights into what it takes to scale up for here and share actionable takeaways to get you going.

The person behind the programs:


After a highly successful career in Fortune 500, Kelly Roach started her now multi-8 figure
business on the side of her highly-demanding full-time job.
As a family-first mom with limited time to build her side hustle, she needed a simple, flexible
way to go to market with her offer without working 15+ hour days, and traditional launch
strategies (from pre-recorded webinars to the Product Launch Formula) just weren’t cutting it.
So: she went back to what she KNEW worked: MEANINGFUL connections. The Live Launch
Method replaces everything you’ve learned about scaling your business online with a flexible
and dynamic content-to-conversion process that can take leads from cold to close in just 10 days
or less.
To this day, Kelly has taught The Live Launch Method to over 40,000 entrepreneurs, written a
best-selling book on the process, and used it to scale her company from 6 to 8-figures in less than 3 years.

If you are ready to break away from the corporate grind

and LEAN INTO your side hustle in a way that it becomes your primary job

then you are READY to SPRINT into your future!