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unapologetically disrupt their industry, simplify their launches, & scale UP their business, Using the LIVE LAUNCH METHOD

Dare to do what’s never been done

Forge a radical new path forward 

Claim their position at the forefront of their industry

For those ready to:

is available exclusively to 7 & 8 figure CEO’s who are committed, invested and ready to create a Million Dollar leap in their business quickly, with a

This intimate, high level consultancy with



Kelly Roach


You want it all - unprecedented growth in recurring revenue, massive impact in your world, and positioning as THE cutting-edge leader in your space…without the headache of traditional launch strategies and “business as usual” ...


You know that the Live Launch Method can fast track your success…

Then this high-touch consultancy is your simplest, most effective way to UP LEVEL exponentially over the next 12 months.

Today we run our launches with such precision and effectiveness that my coaching business has added a multiple 7-figure stream of revenue WITHOUT the stress and massive time investment of a traditional launch. With every round of our Live Launch revenue increases and the process improves. 

As my team and I have run our own Live Launches over the last year, we’ve been able to perfect the process.

Having run your own Live Launch - you understand the power that sits in front of you and are ready to adapt this strategy to establish your brand and build YOUR next 7-figure stream of income. 

The Million Dollar Launch Plan is designed to help you do just that. 

I’m opening up this consultancy to an incredibly exclusive type of CEO...the type of CEO who is more than willing to zig when everyone else zags and who has the drive, foresight, initiative, and business prowess to literally revolutionize their industry.

The Million Dollar Launch Plan is NOT open to the public, and is not some generic - more of the same - coaching program. 

This consultancy is my eyes on every single aspect of your launches, my hands in your team’s implementation of the Live Launch, and my brain working on overdrive to exponentially increase the power of your launch each time you give it a go. 

If you are serious about being a true industry leader, standing out as a premium brand, growing by 6-figure leaps with every launch, and adding another 7-figures to your business by this time next year, then apply to set up your Million Dollar Launch Plan. 

While I no longer do 1:1 coaching,

The Million Dollar Launch Plan is the premier consultancy for the elite 7-8 figure entrepreneur,

with the founder of the most cutting edge launch strategy on the planet.

There are only 10 spots available and we are going to be incredibly selective about who we work with in this capacity as it will be such a high-touch, in-depth, next level, customized experience.

you know it’s power. 

Since you’ve implemented the Live Launch already,

But, it’s not enough to just learn the basics and start implementing. You need to OWN this strategy, maximize, it’s effectiveness, and lead the charge in RECREATING your industry’s norms.

To perform at that level, you need every piece of your launch dialed in, down to the tiniest details.

To get there you need specific and direct feedback that is completely customized. Not general feedback in a massive Facebook group. You need specific, focused feedback on YOUR launches, YOUR team, and YOUR next steps.

This exclusive, high-touch consultancy is for a select group of elite entrepreneurs (less than 10 per year to be exact) who:

•   Want to rise to the top of their industry as the uncontested stand out leader in their space 

•   Have a flagship program that changes lives and makes a massive impact

•   Are making 7-figures but want to expand, accelerate and be on a clear path to 8

•   Have a team and are committed to equipping that team to Live Launch like pros

•   Have money to spend on ads and have run them in the past

•   Are willing to implement the Live Launch 6-8 times over the next 12 months.

You know how to launch. 

You are done dabbling and ready to multiply your outcomes and scale the impact of your launches with a strategy that WORKS to consistently bring in multiple 6 or 7 figures every time you run it. 

The Million Dollar Launch Plan is truly a one of a kind experience - and one that ISN’T offered to just anyone.

There is NOTHING on the market that can even come close to touching the Million Dollar Launch Plan consultancy. Those inside of this consultancy are the ONLY entrepreneurs who will get extended periods of 1:1 time with me and my team throughout the year.

It’s not some basic group coaching program, tired old mastermind, or glorified course.

MDLP is my team and I rolling up our sleeves, getting all up in your launch business, and perfecting your processes so that with every iteration you make more money, stress less, and separate yourself further from the pack. 

here's How It WOrks

My team and I will onboard a new business ONCE every 30-60 days. There will be extreme care to ensure each member is supported and receives the ultimate level of service.

This process will be extensive and high-touch. I can assure you, it will be something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. (Because it does take us some time to onboard, if you want in, now is the time to reserve your spot to be part of the 2020 cohort)

We will be there to support you as you get real-time data, and need real-time feedback. 

We will get clear on your strategy and approach, fine-tuning to ensure you are ready to clobber this thing.

We will work with each CEO and team to assess where things are and how we are going to proceed moving forward.

Then, after your launch, we will deep dive into your stats, make improvements, fix what isn’t working, and iterate so you can amplify your results every single time you launch.

*Not just generally speaking. We are going to unpack and dissect your launches all the way down to the tiniest minutia so you become the STANDOUT star in your space...knocking it out of the park every single time.*

Along the way, we will be working with you and your team on the skills necessary to see a massive impact from every launch so not a minute or penny is wasted and everything you put in, brings you a massive ROI.

This process is going to be in-depth and create a massive impact on your bottom line, while simultaneously positioning you as THE TRENDSETTER in your market. 

and their is a detailed vetting process. I am incredibly particular about the people who will get this much of my time (and my team’s time), so please only apply if you are willing to really break the mold and nail this strategy for maximum results.

Please Note This Is A
High Five Figure Investment

Your Private Work with Me in the

Million Dollar Launch Plan

Consultancy includes:

One full day intensive with me to dive deep into your analytics, processes, and team roles so you can increase profits and launch with more and more ease each time you give it a go. These intensives will be foundational to building your power positioning as the leader in your industry, disrupting your space and implementing cutting-edge strategies.

Two tickets to Game Changer 2020 for you and your top marketing team member. 

1 FULL Launch audit. My team and I will dive deep into one of YOUR launches and audit it from EVERY angle, so we can make specific improvements that directly affect your bottom line. This process will be incredibly thorough and will multiply your outcomes for all future launches. This includes direction, strategy, feedback and interaction in your actual launch.

30 days of audio consultancy on demand with access to my private cell phone for real time launch strategy, direction and course correction during game time.

30, 60, 90 day private strategy calls to keep you updated on new trends, strategies, and what’s working. These are trainings that will keep you up to date on everything you need to know to stay at the forefront of your industry and lead the path to shake things up in unprecedented ways. Literally we will translate every new strategy we are using into an actionable money making upgrade for you.

So let’s recap & break it down even further...

What I am going to tell you is this:

Staying relevant in today’s market is harder than it’s ever been.

The old methods of launching (or marketing in general) just don’t work anymore...but you already know this.

To be a power player, you need to show up on the cutting edge, LEADING in every aspect of your business. 

You need to deliver with precision and a level of excellence most people do NOT have in today’s online world.

You need to stay top of mind and positioned PERFECTLY in the gap to stand out and lead a true movement.

You know that this is my thing...combining GOOD business with cutting edge online marketing practices. 

You know the Live Launch Method can get you results. You’ve seen my results, you’ve seen my client’s results... you’ve even seen your own results. 

You know that I can help your team get there WAY quicker than if you tried to implement and track and improve every piece of the puzzle on your own. 

You know that you NEED to run launches that are different from everyone else out there...and you want to do something different since the old ways have zero impact in today’s economy.

You are ready to reclaim your place as the ABSOLUTE best option for your ideal clients:
the leader, the trailblazer, the Channel of your industry.

You don’t play around. You don’t half-ass things.

You invest in your business, in your team, in your strategies. 

Your time is money...LOTS of money. 

The value of mastering your launch process will allow you to scale quicker and easier than you’ve ever been able to scale before...which will give you more time in your days and more money in your pocket.

The impact that would have on your people and your community would be massive.

You’re 100% ready to add another million dollar revenue stream to your company, set yourself apart from the “ sizzle with no steak” competitors in your industry, and do so with a process that is SIMPLE, STRAIGHT FORWARD, and EFFECTIVE.

You're ready for this high level consultancy and know that it will skyrocket your success over the next 12 months. 

If that’s you - then apply below to be considered. Once we receive your application, my team and I will do a thorough review and get back to you if you are a good fit.

Do I need to have a team to be a part of this MDLC?
Yes. You can’t scale The Live Launch effectively without a killer team ready to support you through the process. This is incredibly important to the scale of your launches and your team will be very much a part of the process.

What makes this different from learning the Live Launch in UE or through one of your free challenges?

This intensive work is going to dive deep into YOUR launches. We are going to look at everything including your ads, your analytics, your team members and the roles they play, your follow-up...literally EVERYTHING. In my other programs, you learn how to run a Live Launch. 

With the Million Dollar Launch plan I am rolling my sleeves up to work on YOUR strategy as it relates to every aspect of your launch. This is highly individualized. I do not offer this level of touch ANYWHERE else.

This consultancy will help you iterate The Live Launch so you can see maximum results in your business consistently. 

My free challenges are like The Live Launch Method 1.0. Unstoppable Entrepreneur is The Live Launch Method 2.0. Million Dollar Launch Plan is The Live Launch Method 10.0!

...there is really no comparing the level of hands-on implementation support you will get in this private consultancy to anything else I offer, or anything on the market today. It is for the elite, it is for the disruptors, it is for the entrepreneurs who are DONE with the status quo.