Join our exclusive
community of 7 &
8-figure CEOs.

Join our exclusive
community of 7 &
8-figure CEOs.

Let’s skip the cliche copy hook
and get to the point…

If you’re reading this, you run a multi-million dollar company and are looking for a community of
peers, a real network of like-minded business men and women, who never settle and who
always push the boundaries of what’s possible.
You want to be in the midst of brilliance, the kind that challenges you and inspires you.
You are looking for a mastermind of genius CEOs with REAL business acumen and an agile,
entrepreneurial spirit.
You are ready to uplevel your community, get into an entirely different room, and massively
accelerate the trajectory of your success.

I get it.

Leading a company like yours can be exhausting.

  • You make every decision.
  • You hold the weight of your team on your shoulders.
  • You risk everything, every day, to accomplish bigger, better, more.

Most people in your life don’t get it.

Every mastermind you’ve joined, you end up being the smartest person in the room.
You feel like you can never be real or honest about the struggle, because you are the one who is
supposed to hold it together.
You are looking for real, raw, authentic community with people who have billion-dollar dreams,
work ethic, and mindset.
You want to work with category of one businesses who lead the way and disrupt the market, no
matter how tough things get.
You’ve been looking for the right room of wildly successful, multi-talented, diverse entrepreneurs
from a variety of industries, who can bring unique perspectives and open up new opportunities.

Get in the room with clients like


J. has built a global brand teaching others how to invest in real estate properties, after making millions of dollars through wholesaling, short-term rentals, and hotels. J. has also built a top-rated podcast and knows the ins and out of the online marketing world better than most “gurus”. His wildly unique approach to investing, teaching, and building a brand is truly unmatched. He is a true category of one in the short-term rental space, and has been leading the industry for years.



Bessie has started, grown, and run several multi-million dollar companies, and consulted on a global scale for international governments and some of the world’s largest NGOs. Today, she continues to run her multiple companies while helping the world’s wealthiest people leverage their time, talents, and treasure to make a sustainable impact in a way that deals with root causes. Bessie is also a true category of one, that brings a wildly unique perspective to every Legacy Leaders conversation.

Your mastermind leader,


After a highly successful career in Fortune 500, Kelly Roach started her now multi-8 figure
business on the side of her highly-demanding full-time job.
As a family-first mom with limited time to build her side hustle, she needed a simple, flexible
way to go to market with her offer without working 15+ hour days, and traditional launch
strategies (from pre-recorded webinars to the Product Launch Formula) just weren’t cutting it.
So: she went back to what she KNEW worked: MEANINGFUL connections. The Live Launch
Method replaces everything you’ve learned about scaling your business online with a flexible
and dynamic content-to-conversion process that can take leads from cold to close in just 10 days
or less.
To this day, Kelly has taught The Live Launch Method to over 40,000 entrepreneurs, written a
best-selling book on the process, and used it to scale her company from 6 to 8-figures in less than 3 years.

Inside Legacy Leaders you get access to:

  • Our world-class community through weekly group calls
  • Our membership training site that walks you through leading a high performing team, so you can step back from the day to day operations of your business and enjoy some freedom
  • Access to our guest experts to help you strategically plan for both growth and exit
  • 3 Two-day in-person mastermind retreats where you will connect with other leaders, dive into your most pressing business issues, and focus on your big vision

Get in the room with brilliant minds, like


Myoshia is the Founder of Andtech Solutions (a healthcare tech company), a real estate investor, and faith-based business coach. She juggles a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments and brings a unique vibrancy to all of our conversations.

Who is a good fit for Legacy Leaders?

Legacy Leaders is an application-only mastermind, for entrepreneurs running businesses over $1m in yearly revenue.

We work with clients in a variety of industries including:

  • Real estate investing and education
  • Done for you marketing agencies
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Product based businesses
  • Coaches and consultants

Our mastermind members typically have full-time teams of 10-20, run multiple businesses or
streams of revenue in their company, and have some component of their business being built online (even if it’s only marketing).

We do ZERO drama.

We collaborate, but don’t sell one another.
We celebrate together, share our struggles, and learn how to be better and do better as we work
towards MASSIVE milestones, together.



Ana runs a done-for-you marketing agency that makes multiple millions of dollars per year, running corporate accounts for some of the country’s biggest brands. Ana has extensive experience in the techy side of marketing and helps both personal and ecomm brands get found by all of the right people. Ana understands how to scale an agency model, and brings her marketing/tech genius to every call.

If you are serious about upleveling your community

and playing in a MUCH bigger way, this community is for you! Here’s
what some of our other clients have to say about Legacy Leaders:

If you are ready to get in the right room, surround yourself with A-players, and blow the roof off your current business, then this is the community for you.