Crack the 1% Wealth Code

5 steps to freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance

June 20-24 @ 12 pm EST

Creating a wealthy and abundant life isn’t just for the self-made entrepreneurs.

It’s not just for those who come from old money, who were dealt a lucky hand, or who have a prestigious college degree.

It is available to ANYONE who is willing to live a life of discipline, consistency, and mindset work required to get where they want to be.

Whether you are working your way up the corporate ladder, a professional looking to build wealth from WITHIN your career (teaching, nursing, law, etc.), or growing your own company to the million dollar mark and beyond:

If you want to live a 1% lifestyle…If you want to thrive in ALL areas of life (your relationships, health, finances, mindset, career)…

If you are tired of the blind leading the blind on social media and want to learn true 1% habits and rituals from someone who has:

  • Built a multi-million dollar company from ZERO while raising a family
  • Climbed the corporate ladder in Fortune 500, earning 7 promotions in 8 years and leading teams through recessions with 0 layoffs
  • Been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, and made countless TV and podcast appearances
  • Retired her spouse + relocated to her dream home all BEFORE age 40

This free, 5-day
workshop is for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Re-engineer your wealth and happiness expectations: stop measuring yourself against societal expectations, or other people’s goals and dreams. What does success really look like for you?


Developing 1% habits, mindset, and rituals: make your dreams a reality through the consistent actions required to reach your personal AND professional goals – health, wealth, relationships, career and more.


Turn every dollar into $2, $5, or $10: learn to make strategic investments that lead to passive income that diversifies your revenue and gives you financial and time freedom to enjoy your hobbies, passion projects, travel, and more family time


Developing a high net worth circle and support system to unlock next-level living: who you surround yourself with matters. Let go of energetically draining, toxic relationships and make room for people who support you, challenge you, teach you, and inspire you.


Make your life your masterpiece, one step at a time: reverse engineer your goals into milestones, mile markers, and daily actions so that your biggest aspirations don’t feel overwhelming or out of reach.

Meet your host:


CEO, bestselling author, and host of The Kelly Roach Show podcast

Before scaling her own company, Kelly Roach Coaching, to the $10 million mark, Kelly spent years writing her own success story: juggling multiple jobs from cocktail waitressing to NFL cheerleader while also attending West Chester University. Upon graduating, she quickly rose the ranks in her first entry-level corporate job at a Fortune 500, becoming the youngest VP in the company. During her time in corporate, Kelly led a team of over 100 to record-breaking sales, even during the economic downturn of 2008-2010.

She built her side hustle to $1 million in revenue (with a newborn in tow) before finally leaving corporate America to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Today, she consults 6, 7 and 8-figure business owners and helps individuals achieve financial and lifestyle freedom through both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (and is the proud co-founder of The Advance Women’s Expert Network and The Courageous Brand).

She is responsible for helping over 60 individuals become million-dollar earners, and in her upcoming free workshop: she will break down how to live a 1% lifestyle through the right mindset, habits, and action steps.

Kelly is committed to ongoing philanthropic work through her nonprofit organization, The Human Family Foundation, and hosts a bi-weekly podcast and weekly YouTube live show.