Optimize your wealth, health, relationships, + career

in our free, 5-day workshop

Crack the 1% wealth code

June 20-24 @ 12 pm EST

In just 5 hours together,

we’ll map out your path to $500K and beyond (plus, million-dollar mindset shifts, habits, and tips to optimize your health and relationships in the process)

In the US alone, a family must earn an income of $597,815 to be considered the top 1% (according to USAtoday).

If you’re here, It’s because you know that it’s 100% achievable to YOU.
Yes, the teachers. The nurses. The small business owners. The corporate 9-5er.

You just need the “how.”

In just 1 hour a day
together, we will:

  • Re-engineer your wealth + happiness expectations, so you can live a life on YOUR terms
  • Develop 1% habits, mindset and rituals so you can create a space and routine where your biggest goals are within reach
  • Help you diversify your income through passive revenue streams and investments that turn every dollar into 2, 5, or 10 and give you FREEDOM in your schedule
  • Teach you how to cultivate a high-net worth circle to unlock next-level living: because the right friendships, support, and connections are critical
  • Make your life a masterpiece one step at a time, on ALL fronts: optimal career growth, relationships, health and wellness


What good are the zero’s in your
bank account when…

  • You’re working your tail off and can’t take the time off to travel or enjoy a Sunday on the golf course?
  • You’re constantly sick, burnt out, or too exhausted to start that passion project or spend time with your kids after the workday?
  • You’ve sacrificed your most prized relationships on your way to the top?

It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve cracked the code on living a 1% lifestyle without sacrificing your health, relationships, or wealth in the process and in this 5-day workshop, we are breaking down exactly how. Yes, you can do this on your lunch break.

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NFL cheerleader turned self-made multi-million dollar business owner, CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching, podcast host and bestselling author of Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life