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In the past 15 years, we have helped business owners across 50+ industries scale and 10X their business.

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We take the complexity out of building a self-led company, with simple systems for rapid, sustainable growth, and a community of peers with real business acumen, scaling multi-million dollar organizations across a variety of industries.

Real business owners. Real results.

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To diversify your income streams, minimize risk, and stay agile + prepared to pivot in any circumstance


Even if you’re not ready to sell, when it comes time to retire, you will either shut down, pass on, or sell your business – and over 60% of business owners are unprepared for any type of exit. Having the systems, standard operating procedures and infrastructure in place NOW will keep things clean, sustainable, and profitable.


To help you develop a high performing team, 4X your employee profits, and elevate leaders within your organization who can own and drive divisions of your company forward, so you can step back from the day to day operations and experience more freedom.

Real business owners. Real results.

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After a highly successful career in Fortune 500, Kelly Roach started her now multi-8 figure
business on the side of her highly-demanding full-time job.

As a family-first mom with limited time to build her side hustle, she needed a simple, flexible
way to go to market with her offer without working 15+ hour days, and traditional launch
strategies (from pre-recorded webinars to the Product Launch Formula) just weren’t cutting it.

So: she went back to what she KNEW worked: MEANINGFUL connections. The Live Launch
Method replaces everything you’ve learned about scaling your business online with a flexible
and dynamic content-to-conversion process that can take leads from cold to close in just 10 days
or less.

To this day, Kelly has taught The Live Launch Method to over 40,000 entrepreneurs, written a
best-selling book on the process, and used it to scale her company from 6 to 8-figures in less than 3 years.

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Myoshia is the Founder of Andtech Solutions (a healthcare tech company), a real estate investor, and faith-based business coach. She juggles a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments and brings a unique vibrancy to all of our conversations.



Ana runs a done-for-you marketing agency that makes multiple millions of dollars per year, running corporate accounts for some of the country’s biggest brands. Ana has extensive experience in the techy side of marketing and helps both personal and ecomm brands get found by all of the right people. Ana understands how to scale an agency model, and brings her marketing/tech genius to every call.

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