Need A Powerful, Inspiring Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Webinar Instructor, Or Podcast/Radio Show Guest?

Internationally-acclaimed, motivational and keynote speaker Kelly Roach shows you how to accelerate business growth, develop transformational leadership within your organization, boost your bottom line, and engage the people you are counting on most to get the job done!

You will discover, as many others have, Kelly is the easiest-to-work-with – and most fun – speaker, instructor, and guest available for appearances now.  Your audience will love what she has to share!

“Unforgettable Content and Actionable Growth Strategies”

Angela Megasko“Kelly Roach is not only a powerhouse Business Growth Strategist, she is a phenomenal Speaker and Coach. Sure to engage and inspire your audience, Kelly brings experience and a proven track record to the presentations she delivers. Whether you are asking her to speak to a group of 5 or 5,000, Kelly delivers unforgettable content and actionable growth strategies in a simple, yet powerful way. I highly recommend Kelly the next time you need a speaker to truly WOW your audience.”

Angela V. Megasko
President & CEO Market Viewpoint LLC

“My Audience was literally mesmerized!”

“Kelly Roach is a phenomenal speaker! I could end there and that would be enough, but I’ll share more! Kelly spoke at my sold out event, Dream Business Academy, on the topic of sales and she knocked it out of the park! My audience was literally mesmerized as she shared her story and the action steps she uses in her business, and teaches her students, on how to turn warm leads into $100K in six months or less. It is rare to have a speaker openly and willingly share so much of the ‘good stuff’ in a setting like that!”

Jim Palmer
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach

“Kelly is a ROCKSTAR speaker and I highly, HIGHLY recommend her”

“Kelly is an AMAZING and engaging speaker who really delivers when it comes to business intelligence, marketing and operations. Her presentation was chock full of tips and business strategies that you can implement immediately without the need for a ton of cash or time to successfully see results. Kelly is a ROCKSTAR speaker and I highly, HIGHLY recommend her for any stage.”

Gary George 

CEO, Blazin Multimedia

“Refreshing and Dynamic”

Kelly Roach is so refreshing and dynamic with her presentation. Kelly’s to the point speaking along with great business building advice, has created a vital approach to growing any business to a level that soars above the rest.

Dr. Raynette C. Ilg N.D.

“Kelly Roach is THE Business Growth Coach”

From the moment Kelly hits the stage she fills the room with energy, enthusiasm and a level of expertise any organization or conference would be lucky to have. Kelly Roach is THE Business Growth Coach for those who are serious about creating record breaking results in minimal time.

Dr. Joanny Lui
Author of Knock OUT Concussions and Heal Your Concussion

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