How to Grow Your Business Fast

Would closing an additional client (or just finally closing a client) each week make a difference in your business? Of course, it would! Learn how to grow your business fast by focusing on the 3 Step Formula.

How do you stop chasing prospects and start attracting high paying clients so that you can grow consistently and profitably on an ongoing basis?

This simple system will help to catapult your business so that you can ensure profit, growth, and sustainability in your business.

Fact #1: Greater than 80% of business fail

Fact #2: 90% of self-made millionaires own their own business

If you can be one of that 20 percent of business that doesn’t fail, then you have an opportunity to be one of the 90 percent of self-made millionaires.

Why do 80 percent of businesses fail?

#1 reason for businesses failing is undercharging

#2 lack of profitable sales

How do you ensure that you are part of the second group?

You need to have a system! Today’s 3 step process will help to get a system down and you will begin to learn how to grow your business fast.

Question: which of these 3 sound like you?

  1.   Do you have someone consistently selling on behalf of your company?
  2.   Do you have enough marketing activities going on consistently in your business?
  3.   Do you have enough nurturing activities going on that people will decide to work when you when they get started?
  4.   Do you have enough activity happening in your business each week, enough conversion events?

Employ the 3 step process to learn how to grow your business fast and gain one new client a week!

3 step process on how to grow your business fast:

  1.   You need to have consistent new leads coming into the business

You need to make sure you have a consistent advertising strategy to get new leads. You may have to spend either time or money to generate new leads if you want a business that is going to sustain and stand the test of time.

  1.   Follow up on your leads

Once you get new leads, they then need to enter a funnel in which you will nurture and educate them with your free resources. This strategic move will allow you to eventually move them to a become a paying customer.

  1.   Conversion strategy

The final step is an event such as a meeting or online training that will turn the potential customer into a paying one. This event will directly invite the client to make a buying decision on the spot.

If one of these 3 things are missing in your business, you will begin to struggle or ultimately fail. You need all 3 if you want your business to stand the test of time! Virtually every business that struggles is lacking in one of these areas, be honest with yourself and take the necessary steps to fix the areas in which you are lacking.

You may be thinking, this sounds like a great idea, but how will this work in the real world? Here are 4 strategies we use at Kelly Roach Coaching to employ the 3 step process on how to grow your business fast.

What we do at Kelly roach:

Strategy #1: LinkedIn targeted marketing

Here at Kelly Roach we have a team member who outreaches directly to prospects via LinkedIn. She engages with them and schedules consultations. This way, we can get new leads and add value by sharing podcast episodes and our other free resources. We then move into a consultation and gain paying customers.

Strategy #2: Twitter marketing

We have a team member who sends personal messages to new twitter followers and invites them to webinars and to watch podcast episodes. She is then able to convert them after adding them to our email list.

Strategy #3: Facebook marketing

This is one of our big marketing strategies. We run Facebook ads with free opt in offers for users. From there, a person opts in to a list and is invited to a strategy consultation and can be sold from there.

Strategy #4: Sales reps

We have a database of prospects that we engage with through the phone and social media. Then, we invite our potential prospects to become paying customers.

The best part: These strategies are working right now at Kelly Roach Coaching!

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